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Gareth Bale must follow the footsteps of Zinedine Zidane and leave Real Madrid

Gareth Bale might not have played as much as he liked at Real Madrid but during his five years stay at the club he enjoyed the same success as other Real Madrid players shared. He won four UEFA Champions League trophies including three consecutive titles in 2015/16, 2016/17, and 2017/18, but the Real Madrid man will be better off leaving the club where he could be worshiped for the next two or three years. He must follow on the footsteps of Real Madrid outgoing coach Zinedine Zidane who left the club after winning three consecutive Champions League trophies with the club.

Zidane himself claimed that it’s difficult to emulate what this squad has achieved in last three seasons. Los Blancos are probably not going to win the Champions League next season because other great clubs will be desperate to make the amend and come strong next season, so why not Bale should choose one of the clubs.

Returning back to England is one of the best options for former Tottenham Hotspur star and Manchester United is ready to offer him whatever Real Madrid offers him. A switch to Manchester United won’t be a bad option. They haven’t won big in recent years but they are still world’s richest club. They are most successful English team and they finished second in Premier League next season, they’ll probably be the candidate to win Premier League next season.

Bale compatriot and Wales boss Ryan Giggs is backing his move to Manchester United. He told as Express reports, “I’d be happy United fan, that’s for sure. I think he is a Manchester United player. I think the fans would love him. The fans would adore him but again, like I say, he’s at a club where he has won three Champions League so why would you leave?”

Why would he leave, the reason is simple. He hasn’t yet reached the pinnacle of his career. Injuries and coach confidence in him has halted his progress to the top and Julen Lopetegui’s appointment as Real Madrid coach certainly not boost his confidence being in the team.

Lopetegui is very keen on playing Spanish players. He is a great admirer of Isco, and there has always been a competition between Bale and Isco for a place in Real Madrid’s playing XI. It will make Bale life more difficult at Real Madrid despite being Los Merengues’ most influential player in the important finals.

If Bale wants to rise to the top, he needs a team where he can be worshipped. He must be felt important and their biggest asset and right now Manchester United is lacking that star figure. It will be a perfect marriage between the two.


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