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Ronaldo explains Juventus move

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Ronaldo doesn’t need any explanation but he still explains Juventus’ move

Cristiano Ronaldo knows no stopping of success at his feet. He is rich, famous, and at least half of the football loving population believes as well that he’s world’s best player, but he himself has that hunger to continue to be best till he hangs his boot. The 33-year-old Portuguese star was unveiled today as Juventus player after making a €100 million move from Real Madrid. He didn’t need any explanation but he still explains his Juventus’ move.

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Ronaldo said as Football Italia reports, “I enjoy football, I’m still quite young and I’ve always liked challenges in my life: from Sporting, to Manchester United, to Real to Juventus. I’m not sad [about leaving Real Madrid], Juventus is a big club and with all due respect players at this stage of my career usually go to Qatar or China. I’m different from all other players who think their career is over at my age. I want to show I’m not like others.”

So, I’m grateful to Juventus to allowing me to join such a big club. My nine years at Madrid were beautiful but this is a brand new step in my life. I thank the supporters from all my heart, but I have to focus on this new challenge. I’ll try to show that I’m  a top player, I’m going to work hard and I’m very ambitious. Staying in my comfort zone is not me, I like to seize new challenges.”

He adds, “In my opinion Juventus is one of the best clubs in the world. It was a well thought through decision, and my friends and teammates told me for a long time this was a club that would suit me. So it was an easy decision given the power and size of the club, it’s the biggest club in Italy. There are outstanding directors and an outstanding coach [Max Allegri] and a great president [Andrea Agnelli] who is used to winning, so it wasn’t a difficult decision in that sense.”

“I know it will be difficult, but throughout my career I’ve always had difficult challenges. I don’t like to sit and look back at my successes, I want to move forward and taste new successes. I believe in my ability, I believe in my teammates and I’m sure everything will be very successful.”

“I feel great. It’s a big challenge, it’s a tough league but I’ll be ready. As I said before, age isn’t important, I feel good and motivated. Excited. I’ll try to do my best as always and I’m looking forward to trying to do my best and winning every title.”

Ronaldo’s former coach and current Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho sees Ronaldo’s Juventus move from a different angle. He told Teleradiostereo, “Congratulations to Juventus for this transfer of football, advertising, and marketing. Now you can see three dimensions: people will see Italy for Ronaldo, the Premier League because it’s best league and Spain for Messi.”


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