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Maurizio Sarri’s untold story, Napoli's scudetto lost, Aurelio De Laurentiis brutally sacked Sarri

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Maurizio Sarri’s untold story

Maurizio Sarri’s untold story – “those who have done sport know that we have lost the Scudetto in the hotel.”

We have in India, M.S.Dhoni – The untold story. The movie didn’t live up to the expectation to tell the untold story. But, Italy’s famous filmmaker Aurelio De Laurentiis had a chance to write a perfect script of his football team Napoli’s success if he’d have been as patient with his former coach Maurizio Sarri as he has been with his films.  But, he never realize the dream of Maurizio Sarri’s untold story.

Napoli chairman Aurelio de Laurentiis sacked Maurizio Sarri in a brutal way. He didn’t give Sarri any notice before hiring Carlo Ancelotti as new Napoli boss. Sarri was still in contract with Napoli and he wasn’t officially sacked by Partenopei chairman. It was disrespectful to former Napoli boss but he never complained. He was happy to leave without saying a word.

Sarri’s professionalism was never in doubt. He wanted to write a perfect script winning Serie A with Napoli, but his story ends before reaching the final climax. Now, we’ve left with Maurizio Sarri’s untold story at Napoli.

We had a seen in M.S. Dhoni – The Untold story, where M.S.Dhoni says during his trial, “You know where we lost the match, we lost the match at hotel lobby.”

A same untold story emerges in Maurizio Sarri’s untold story at Napoli. Sarri gave an interview to II Mattino about Napoli’s Scudetto lost last season. He said as reports, “It would have been the crowning of an extraordinary story, of a dream of mine, of the team and of the whole city. Of course I happen to relieve moments here, in every moment. Words, but those who have done sport know that we have lost the Scudetto in the hotel.”

He adds, “We hope for the city, for the fans, Napoli is an extraordinary city. It deserves to win the Scudetto, I am a Napoli fan, I’m happy that Carlo is now the coach because he hasn’t only won everywhere, but it is always done well by everyone, it means that human and professional qualities are extraordinary.”

Maurizio Sarri didn’t get time to say goodbye to his former players because his arrival at Chelsea took only one day. And when he arrived at Chelsea, he didn’t have time to prepare for the new season with his new club.

Now, when clubs are free at international break, he took time to thank his former players. He said, “No, it all happened quickly, but I want to do it right now, and I say, “You are extraordinary guys, keep it up because you can do it to conquer that dream that we have touched.”

Sarri gave Napoli that dream that they can win Serie A. He came so close to winning it together, but director of the film Aurelio De Laurentiis wanted a different hero to realize that dream.

De Laurentiis thought his movie will be a flop without a renowned actor. So, he brought legendary Carlo Ancelotti to complete his film. And, Maurizio Sarri’s untold story at Napoli script didn’t complete.

However, he still thinks of a comeback. He says, “It may be the goal to finish my career at Napoli.”


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