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Cristiano Ronaldo tax fine, hat-trick performance, Portugal 3-3 Spain

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Tax fraud €20m fine and 2 year sentence didn’t affect Cristiano Ronaldo’s ability to perform

El Mundo headlines “Ronaldo: dίa de multa, noche de venganza” (day of fine, the night of revenge). It perfectly sums up Cristiano Ronaldo’s last 24 hours. Real Madrid star was handed a €20 million tax fraud fine and two-year jail sentence back in Spain in the day, then he shined on the ground in Russia at Fisht Stadium, Sochi in the night.

Tax fraud fine and jail term sentence didn’t affect Portugues great ability to perform on the ground. Off-field financial trouble didn’t affect his game on the field. It was a pressure situation, Portugal were playing mighty Spain in their opening game of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, and Ronald had a hard feeling of digesting €20 million fine plus two-year jail term. The twin cause didn’t affect his ability to perform as he outshines collective Spain all alone.

Cristiano Ronaldo put a show of his own to snatch a 3-3 draw against Spain

Ronaldo scored a hat-trick on the night to deny mighty Spain’s victory. His hat-trick which includes last-minute free-kick snatched a draw for Portugal which felt like a victory for the Portuguese star.

The Portuguese star has hit hard by the financial trouble as he’ll have to pay €20 million fine to Spanish treasury and it can increase to another €4m to €5m if he wants to avoid the jail term. In Spain, a jail-term of fewer than two years for the first-time crime is avoidable and it’s very unlikely that five-time Ballon d’Or winner will serve the jail term. He’ll be happy to pay whatever it costs to avoid the jail-term.

His hat-trick against Spain will also help him to avoid the unnecessary negativities in the press. The talk of tax fraud and jail sentence is hardly going to be circulating when he becomes the first to strike hat-trick against Spain in a World Cup match.

He made sure that his World Cup moment is not ruined by a meager €20 million fine considering his yearly income. El Mundo is right – a day of fine, and a night of revenge. And, it’s only a start. The minnows in Iran and Morocco is still to play and if Portugal makes it to the knockout stages, another record for Ronaldo is days away to become hthe ighest goalscorer in FIFA World Cup tournament.


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