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Octopus Paul no longer around, Achilles (Psychic) Cat will predict Russia 2018 winner

FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 famed predictor Octopus Paul died soon after the World Cup. Paul predicted the 2010 World Cup results effortlessly and the animal oracle is still living in our vivid memory as a World Cup Predictor. Now, arriving at 2018 World Cup in Russia, we have a new animal oracle in Achilles (Psychic) Cat who will predict the results.

Achilles is a deaf white cat at Russia’s Hermitage Museum. His previous predictions came handy at the Confederation Cup. He predicted three of the four picks correctly at FIFA Confederation Cup in 2017 and officially chosen to predict the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 results.

The Psychic Cat has already predicted the result of the opening fixture between host Russia and Saudi Arabia. He was offered two bowls of food with the flags of Russia and Saudi Arabia respectively and he chooses Russia reluctantly.

Let’s see, how his prediction turns up into the opening fixture. We hope his prediction lived up to the expectation and he enjoys being a successful animal oracle as Octopus Paul.

The snow white cat is definitely going to attract visitors of his own at St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum for a month at least. Although, his job is to keep museums antique pieces safe but he is doing a great job to attract visitors with his own reputation as an animal oracle of 2018 World Cup.


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