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Belgium proves England were never ready for their ‘It’s coming home’ challenge

England’s World Cup dream which was never there at first place ends at the semi-finals stage with extra-time 2-1 defeat against Croatia. It ends their “It’s coming home” roar in Russia, but they still had a chance to finish third in the tournament against their group stage rival Belgium. Three Lions could have settled their score of 1-0 defeat at group stage, but Belgium proves again that England were not ready for their ‘It’s coming home’ challenge.

Belgium defeated England 2-0 comfortably to claim their Bronze medal with third finish in the tournament. It’s Belgium best ever finish at FIFA World Cup. However, they’ll still feel that they were better team against France at semi-final stage but they’ll have to keep their held high finishing third in the tournament.

Thomas Meunier early goal and Eden Hazard’s 82nd minute strike seals the deal for Red Devils. However, England were not that poor. They played better football in second-half. Belgium were struggling to keep the ball and England were controlling the tempo of the game, and it’s only Hazard’s goal on break took the game away from them.

‘It’s coming home’ was never coming home, even England team knew that, but it was something which helped them finish fourth in the tournament. England’s captain Harry Kane was quick to admit that in his post match comment. He said, “I thought we played really well in the second-half. We had them on the ropes for the first half hour of that but we couldn’t get the goal. we had that one cleared off the line… I can’t fault the lads, we gave it everything.”

“We have closed the gap [to the best teams] but today shows there’s still room for improvement. We’ve said that along. We are still learning, still improving.”

Gareth Southgate’s team has no experience of the tournament except the very few in their squad. Only Ashley Young from playing XI have had prior experience of playing in World Cup. England’s young guns were naïve but they perform at a very good level. They surprised their previous team who participated at previous World Cups.

It’s England’s best finish in FIFA World Cup on a foreign soil. England’s only success at World Cup came in 1966 as a host. These young lads have done a tremendous job, but again they’re never ready for their ‘It’s coming home’ challenge.


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