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Unai Emery trnasfer targets, Arsenal transfer policy, Stephan Lichsteiner, Yacine Adli

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Unai Emery adhering to Arsenal transfer policy with low profile names

Arsenal new boss Unai Emery is adhering to the club transfer policy. He has low profile names in his plan to approach the transfer market. Juventus’ Stephan Lichsteiner, Borussia Dortmund’s Sokratis Papastathopoulos, and PSG’s Yacine Adli are the names he has put on the table for Gunners’ board.

It seems like Unai Emery is following on the path of his predecessor Arsene Wenger. During Wenger era, Arsenal has a very strict policy. They go into the transfer market looking out for value for money player. They did succeed with it but lately, they struggled. It is also one of the reasons which lead to Arsene Wenger sacking.

Arsenal is one of the top richest football clubs in the world, but they always have a strict policy on their transfer spending. They don’t break banks to sign a new player. They have always worked on the principles led by their former manager Arsene Wenger.

Wenger once claimed that the price of a player is determined by four factors: their talent, their ability to improve the side they were moving to, their resale value, and their age. He and Arsenal board stick to it roughly for decades but things have changed recently.

You can’t get quality young players at a reasonable price in this hyped transfer market. So they have twisted the policy to hire the experienced players who come at a reasonable price but still keeping their transfer spending at the lower side.

Last season Arsene Wenger hired Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (28) and Henrikh Mkhitaryan (29). This season Unai Emery is ready to land Juventus’ right-back Stephan Lichsteiner (34) whose contract will expire with Bianconeri this summer. Another target Sokratis Papastathopoulos is also 29-year-old. His only target Yacine Adli will arrive as a young talent from PSG.

Unai Emery is allowed to spend only £50 million this summer. His choices are really good in the context of that. Lichsteiner will arrive as a free transfer. Sokratis will cost around £15 million, and Adli will arrive only as a youth product.

TalkSport reports as per L’Equipe, “Adli will join Arsenal on a three-year contract with the option of a further two years, and will become Emery’s first signing at the Emirates.”

On the other hand, hiring experienced players at a reasonable price seems to be new transfer policy for the North Londoners. They are following the theory that playing with experience is like having a home advantage in away games.

Steve Lawrence, Football Analytics Lab founder told Sky Sports, “The older team will beat the younger team over a broad spectrum of matches by an amount that is equivalent to home advantage. We play leagues on a home and away basis precisely to remove that bias. What do we do for relative age bias? You can’t do that with the age of the team. If you go into competition at the highest level, you have to put the oldest team onto the field.”

I guess Unai Emery and Arsenal board was seriously listening to him. They are following on that path after trusting two decades on the younger generations. Now, they want to try it with experience on the pitch, not on the sideline. That’s why they have a younger coach and experienced players in their side.


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