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Premier League is a two way battle, hang on…

I wrote an article earlier in the season that Premier League is going to be Manchester City Vs Liverpool in 2018/19 season. But, hang on… it’s going to be three way. Maurizio Sarri’s Chelsea is not ready to sit back as well. Blues proved it by winning 3-0 against Southampton as Liverpool and City played a 0-0 draw in their table topper clash.

Sarri had an ambitious plan winning Serie A at Napoli, but he was sacked within three seasons of chasing the dominant Juventus. Now, Italian manager is very much into deploying his same tactics at Chelsea and he is flourishing in his first season at charge.

Premier League is definitely not going to be a two way battle, Chelsea is very much into the fray. After eight matchdays, three teams at top have same points and only goal difference separates them. Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool, each have 20 points at the top.

Premier League 2018/19 clearly indicates that it’s not going to be a two way battle. Every point lost at top from one of them is going to be a boon for another and they definitely don’t want to lose points against other teams except happy with a draw or lose points against each-other.

Last week, Liverpool and Chelsea played a 1-1 draw giving Manchester City an edge to get past them on top of the table. This week, Liverpool and Manchester City played a 0-0 draw giving Chelsea an edge to eclipse them on points table. Fortunately, all three sits at top of Premier League with same points.

Now, they’ll be eyeing each other’s Premier League fixture list to calculate their risk and their direct rival’s chances of losing points. Only Premier League fixture list of these teams can decide the Premier League winner.

They are not going to face each other before December. Chelsea will only host Manchester City on 8th December, and before them each one of them will be thinking to maintain a winning run before one slips point another take advantage of that. Meanwhile, they’ll mark each other’s difficult fixture to make use of their good fixtures.

Liverpool next six fixtures include Huddersfield (A), Cardiff (H), Arsenal (A), Fulham (H), Watford (A), and Everton (H). Manchester City and Chelsea will be eyeing their away fixtures against Arsenal and Merseyside derby at Anfield.

Manchester City nect six fixtures include Burnley (H), Tottenham (A), Southampton (H), Manchester United (H), West Ham (A), and Bournemouth (H). Chelsea and Liverpool will be marking their away fixtures against Tottenham and Manchester derby to capitalize on their lose points.

Chelsea next six fixtures include Manchester United (H), Burnley (A), Crystal Palace (H), Everton (H), Tottenham (A), and Fulham (H). Manchester City and Liverpool will be taking a close look on their Manchester United and Tottenham’s fixture and expecting Blues to lose points.

Out of Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea; Liverpool is an advantageous position in their next six fixtures only finding Arsenal as a serious threat to their Premier League title chances. Whereas Manchester City will have to think of Tottenham and Manchester United and not to forget that Chelsea will come lurking to take advantage of their home game against them on matchday 17.

Chelsea will have their trouble time against Manchester United and Tottenham as well, before they go on to face Manchester City at home on matchday 17. When both team in Blue colours will be challenging each other for Premier League top slot, Liverpool will make sure that they rule the Premier League points table.

Premier League is definitely not going to be a two way battle, it’s three way. Maurizio Sarri’s Chelsea is going to give a hard time to Manchester City and Liverpool. And, not to forget Unai Emery’s Arsenal is now ready to compete with them with six back to back victories after losing their first two games against Manchester City and Liverpool. It’s definitely going to be an exciting battle at top and I definitely condemn these unnecessary international breaks due to UEFA League of Nations. I can understand Jurgen Klopp’s feeling when he said UEFA League of Nations is worse tournament to add on to Premier League’s hectic schedule.


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