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Big football matches take shapes in last quarter of the game and every top team knows the importance of holding their nerves in last 15 minutes and they still make the same mistakes. Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur game was a Sunday delight for the Premier League fans as it produced thrilling moments in stoppage time. Mohamed Salah was the solo hero for Liverpool almost winning the game in first minute of stoppage time, but Virgil Van Djik let go the points awarding Tottenham Hotspur a penalty in dying seconds with tackle on substitute Erik Lamela. Harry Kane converted the penalty convincingly to earn Spurs the much needed equalizer.

It was a match everyone expected to be a thrilling encounter, but Egyptian Messi (Mo Salah) gave Liverpool an early lead within three minutes of the game started. It gave a little relief to Liverpool fans and they could hang on to their lead even after losing possessions in the game. Spurs enjoyed much of the possession in the game, but it was Liverpool who had the lead.

Spurs’ moment come in the game in 80th minute when Victor Wanayama earned them the equalizer with his 25 yard effort. Match was on the level and it was Reds time to react. They didn’t have enough in their arsenal to release on the pitch, but they have the Premier League in-form player in their team. Salah again become the sole hero with his Messi style goal in 91st minute and Liverpool camp thought they have won the game, but there was still a twist in the game.

Harry Kane hasn’t materialized his chances with his first effort from the spot. He needed to amend the situation and he got another one after substitute Erik Lamela make the most of his touch in penalty area by world’s most expensive defender. Virgil van Djik feet touches Lamela knee from behind and he was on the ground and referee consulted with the linesman before awarding the penalty. Kane didn’t make mistake second time and boom it was the goal Spurs thoroughly enjoyed.

It breaks Liverpool fans’ heart and their manager Jurgen Klopp was the furious one at that time. In his post match comment Klopp said as BBC reports, “The game was intense between two really good teams. There were some real challenges in the first half, lots of moments when it could have been a free-kick but the referee said ‘today that’s the game, that’s allowed’ and then the softest touch in the whole game decides the game. It’s not a penalty, it’s a situation.”

“I’m angry but I can’t change things so what’s my job? To create headlines? To get punished? To pay a fine? If I said what I think I would pay the biggest fine in world football? That makes absolutely no sense.”

The gap could have widened to five points between the two teams with Liverpool victory, but draw left the gap to two points. Manchester City winning the Premier League as expected leave room for other three places in Champions League and it’s going to be a tough fight among Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.


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