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Jurgen Klopp wants Liverpool to be ugliest, Premier League, Liverpool FC, Liverpool vs Southampton

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Jurgen Klopp has found that winning ugly is the key to Liverpool’s success

Jurgen Klopp wins Liverpool fans heart by playing fantastic football over the last two and half years, but he didn’t win anything. He is constantly reminding people in his every interview that Liverpool played fantastic football in last three seasons but they didn’t win anything. It’s might be his time to win ugly something.

On asked Liverpool’s winning streak before Liverpool Vs Southampton game, Jurgen Klopp said, “We don’t feel that [momentum] to be honest because we play, analyse, prepare; play, analyse, prepare and that is it.”

“Maybe it’s because all the jobs are so difficult. There is no game where we have thought: ‘Thank God We have played them.’ None of the results we have this season would have been possible without the greed you have seen or without the aggression you see. No chance.”

Jurgen Klopp is happy with Liverpool’s common experiences

On winning ugly, he said as Liverpool FC official website reports, “We didn’t win anything so far – not in the past and not this season – so let’s use the momentum and create a new momentum. We really want to be the ugliest team to play against. That is the plan, and to do it with good football players.”

“The best news I have had in the last two weeks is how we have changed or reinvented again our defensive skills. We didn’t need them too much in the first few games. it was not that we didn’t have to defend but they were different games. Against Tottenham and Paris I loved how we did it. We still played good football and that was a really big step in the season so far.”

Liverpool have won each of their game this season, playing five Premier League games and a UEFA Champions League game against PSG. If they win against Southampton today, it will be their best start of a season ever. There are speculations that Liverpool will win Premier League this season, but Klopp is not thinking that far. He wants to go into every match thinking only about that game but he has realized that winning ugly is key to Liverpool’s success.


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