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Jose Mourinho mad dogs

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Jose Mourinho defines the players he wants in his team in one word – “Mad dogs”

Manchester United somehow managed to pull a 2-2 draw against Southampton after going 2-0 down at St Marry’s. Saints were on verge of winning their first home match this season before Marcus Rashford rise on the occasion to serve some purpose in United’s camp. Romelu Lukaku and Ander Herrera were the goal scorer for United in response to Southampton’s Stuart Armstrong and Cedric Soares goals, but it was Rashford who got the praise of his manager referring him as one of the “mad dogs” in his team.

Mourinho was critical of his players as it has been the case for much of the season. He opted for a new system playing two midfielders (Scott Mctominay and Nemanja Matic) in his back-three lineup, and Mctominay and Phil Jones seems to be in no co-ordination as they were found to be bumping into each-other way. But, it’s typical Mourinho as he said system wasn’t a problem.

In his post-match interview he said as The Guardian reports, “It doesn’t matter about the system. It has to do with the characteristics of the players and we don’t have many, with all the respect, mad dogs – the ones who bite the ball all the time and press all the time. We don’t have many with that spirit.”

In one word “Mad dogs”, he defines the players he wants in his team. It’s a clear indication for the Manchester United’s authorities to take care of when they hunt new players in the transfer market. Red Devils’ vice-chairman Ed Woodward hasn’t been able to understand up till now, what kind of players Jose Mourinho wants in his team.

I guess from this interview, it’s pretty clear what kind of players Jose Mourinho wants. He wants “mad dogs”. It is as simple as that. But, the real problem is where they can get these mad dogs. Now-a-days, clubs scouting is limited to watching the matches of lower division sides where also players come from decent backgrounds.

Those teenagers also brought up to the academy at young age and they get the feel good factor at very young age. They start earning handsomely at very young age and the craving for putting more effort is subsidized there. Yes, there are still players who crave for more but they are very rare talents and hard-working professionals.

Last week in an interview with Univision, a US Spanish-language TV channel, Mourinho elaborated on current young generation problems. Talking about Luke Shaw, Anthony Martial, Jesse Lingard, and Marcus Rashford, Mourinho said as Irish Times reports, “They are lacking maturity. For example, Luke Shaw. When I got here two years ago, the boy didn’t even know how to compete. Great potential, yes, but he doesn’t know how to compete. And when we talk about Luke Shaw, about Martial, about Lingard, and about Marcus Rashford, we’re talking about boys with great potential but who still are lacking – a word I can’t say but you like to say a lot – having that [courage]. They are lacking a bit of this.”

He added, “In English, in the United States, people might say “spoiled kids”. Our children are more spoiled than we were by our own parents. We were more mature, we were better prepared. I think today’s kids have a different social life and today’s players also have their surroundings, a word that was used a lot in Barcelona, the interior environment.

“In Barcelona, when they talk about environment, they’re talking about a more global sense in relation to the club. When I use this word ‘environment’ I’m using it more in relational to the personal environment, to the people that come around the players, that protect them too much, who give them too much affection, too many excuses. Always making excuses makes you mature slowly.

“[I mean] character, personality, like you [ Stoichkov] said in Spanish – ‘mala hostia’ – that natural aggressiveness that you had.”

Now, it leaves Manchester United’s officials with a very rare job to do. He wants mad dogs and he himself is saying that they’re not available now-a-days. So, where to find them to keep him happy? Typical Mourinho may continue with his jibe, but it seems nobody is listening to him now-a-days.


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