it’s too early to claim Manchester City as Premier League winner – Arsene Wenger

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is searching for his fourth Premier League title since 2004. He has come close to winning it on several occasion since then, but failed to win at last. Once again being a title favourite, Gunners are moving forward on points table. They are 12 points behind the Premier League leaders Manchester City, but Wenger is not ready to give up his team’s title credentials.

Wenger beliefs it’s too early to make title winner claims and think Arsenal can only finish at second place. He told as SkySports reports, “it’s too early to say that. I feel that every team has its vulnerabilities, even Man City. They had a good start, but it’s too early. We are in November, you win the championship in May.”

“At the moment we are far apart. The only way we can keep alive is for us to win the games, and that is why the next game is so important for us.”

Arsenal will play their next game against Huddersfield on Wednesday in midweek fixture. The newly promoted side has done well to cope up with the Premier League teams. Manchester City suffered against them on match day 13, and they only managed a closed 2-1 victory as Raheem Sterling scored the winner late in the game.

Wenger adds, “It is a massive game for me. I’ve watched that game against City – they didn’t deserve to lose that game. This team has come out from hell. They have to play 46 games in the championship; you need to be ready for a fight. All the teams that come up, especially in the first season, they have that fighting spirit that makes them dangerous for anyone in the Premier League.”

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