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Don’t expect Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp to do a major overhaul in summer 2018/19 transfer window

Don’t expect Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp to do a major overhaul in summer 2018/19 transfer window. Liverpool has reached to the Uefa Champions League final and he wouldn’t like to hurt the morale of the team selling players who have developed friendship going well along with their teammates. He also needs to make sure that he doesn’t bring in too many players to make his existing squad uncomfortable.

Klopp also believes that it’s not good for a team to lose their half of the former members in order to welcome the new ones. He says as Telegraph reports, “It still needs to be the mix of bringing in the new players and letting the group grow. That’s how it is. If you always change four or five positions it’s wrong. You don’t make the team better. You can make better in the long term but nobody is waiting for the long term.”

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According to Klopp statement, he has already made his overhaul in his first transfer window. Now, he wants the group to grow together and bring in the players where he sees the necessity. His only priority is to fill the void created due to a valuable player departure.

Klopp told Mirror, “We already have Naby Keita coming and that is really good and we’ll probably sign a couple more players because that’s how it is. We have to strengthen, first of all, the squad. To bring in players who are 200% better than the players we already have will be quite difficult, but we still need to do a few things to have more depth in the squad. That is very important.”

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Liverpool have suffered too many injury problems this season and Klopp has learned that he needs a bigger squad. His current squad strength is 25 members and 7 to 8 members are suffering from injuries. Adam Lallana and Emre Can get injured when Klopp needed them most after Philippe Coutinho’s departure. It has forced him to think about the squad’s depth.

Jurgen Klopp also has a different philosophy when it comes to approaching the transfer market. He goes for the one-on-one conversation with the player he wants to bring in his squad, and he wants to be 100% sure about the players’ commitment.

Klopp adds, “We’ll be prepared, but it’s always difficult. We’re only looking for really good players. These players can have different interests from different clubs and that’s how it is. But the players we will be bringing in we’ll be 100% convinced about altogether. It was like this since I was in, and it will be like this until I leave.”

Liverpool boss is targeting the acquisition of Lyon’s Nabil Fekir, Monaco’s Thomas Lemar, PSG’s Julian Draxler, Napoli’s duo Jorginho & Lorenzo Insigne, Bordeaux’s Malcolm, and Porto’s Diogo Leite as per transfer rumours. But, transfer market complications may not help Jurgen Klopp to land his first choice targets and he may be happy to bring in two or three of the good players available in the transfer market. Please, don’t expect him to do a major overhaul in summer 2018/19 transfer window.


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