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Neymar is Kim Kardashian of football, Joe Barton comments on Neymar

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Neymar is Kim Kardashian of football – Joey Barton

Neymar’s criticism level has gone one notched up with Joey Barton’s latest rant. Paris Saint-Germain star has already suffered a lot of criticism this year with his antics at World Cup. His antics to fell down easily on the ground during Russia 2018 World Cup weren’t appreciated and he suffered heavy criticism. His latest “no show” for PSG against Liverpool at Anfield didn’t help either and now former England player Joey Barton has labeled him as Kim Kardashian of football.

Barton has always been famous for his antics himself on the ground. He earned a great negativity throughout his career himself but now he wants to be a responsible man being in charge of Fleetwood Town. And, his first responsibility came in publicly slamming two of the famous personalities in their businesses. However, it’s not the first time he has run a rant on big stars.

He told L’Equipe as Goal reports, “I think Neymar is the Kim Kardashian of football. Neymar is not the best player in the world, as we saw again in Russia. He’s not at the level of Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. There are many other players in front of him. He is not a footballing phenomenon; he’s an advertising phenomenon, like the Kardashians.”

It’s difficult to find out how much damage he’s done to Neymar with his statement because nobody takes him seriously, but of course he may have done a great damage to himself bringing in Kim Kardashian into this.

She is a famous personality around world with 117 million Instagram followers. Socialite won’t like any negativity around her. One of Vogue Magazine edition says 160 million people are obsessed about her. Barton has got no business to label her as nobody. She may sue him to label her as “nobody” because he of course doesn’t know about her.

Barton also slammed PSG’s approach as a club. He said, “When you see PSG wearing a Jordon Jersey! Really? Come on guys, this is a basketball brand! And, you’re a football club. Is it just me or is that me?”

Current Fleetwood Town manager have enjoyed a very respected life as a footballer. Barton’s career and life is full of controversial incidents and disciplinary problems. He has also been convicted twice on charges of violence. He ended his Manchester City career with a four-month suspended sentence after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm on teammate Ousmane Dabo during a training-round dispute.

The football association has been charged him three times for violent conduct: for the assault on Dabo, for punching Morten Gamst Pederson in the stomach, and for attacking three Manchester City players (Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez, and Vincent Kompany) on the final day of the 2011/12 season.

You can barely believe what Joe Barton has to say about a top player, but Neymar may take it seriously considering his career graph is not reaching a new height at PSG. He must find his way to a competitive league and prove everyone wrong.


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