Only Atletico Madrid can save Real Madrid from Guard of Honour

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A Guard of Honour possibility at Camp Nou for Barcelona despite Real Madrid’s coach Zinedine Zidane refusal to perform

El Clasico (Barcelona vs Real Madrid) is a month away but it’s making all the news. The TRP of El Clasico taking place at Camp Nou on May 6, 2018, is Real Madrid to perform Guard of Honour for Barcelona. Barcelona may claim their 25th La Liga title before Real Madrid pay a visit to Camp Nou on May 6, and this news is getting viral that Real will perform a Guard of Honour to them at Camp Nou.

However, it’s only a possibility that Barcelona will clinch the title before that. There are still 21 points to fight for in La Liga. Madrid derby’s 1-1 draw result mathematically making it difficult for Barcelona to clinch the title before that, but it will be on Atletico Madrid, whether Real will be in a situation to perform Guard of Honour or not.

Madrid derby 1-1, four seasons and counting for Real Madrid…

The current difference between Barcelona (79 points) and second-place Atletico Madrid (68 points) is 11 points. If Barcelona wins their all three La Liga matches before Real Madrid visit them at Camp Nou, their accumulated point will be 88. But if Atletico wins all of their matches during that time interval they’ll accumulate 80 points.

It will leave Barcelona with only 8 points lead with four games to play. However, Atletico Madrid will have only three games left to play. Mathematically Barcelona won’t clinch their 25th La Liga title in that situation before Real Madrid’s visit. Blaugrana will only win the trophy after registering a victory against Real or playing a draw. In that case, Los Merengues will perform a guard of honor not at the start of the match but at the end of the match.

Only if Atletico loses point before El Clasico and Barcelona manages a 100% result than Real Madrid will in a situation to perform a guard of honour. Real Madrid must thank their city rival to snatch a draw against them and hope they maintain a 100% result in their coming matches to avoid that uncomfortable situation.

Barcelona fans, media, and football pundits have already started to make a buzz about it. Media is constantly asking questions to both sides’ players, coaches and influential persons about performing Guard of Honour. Whereas Real Madrid camp is avoiding the question, Barcelona is hyping it for their revenge moment of 2007/08 campaign.

Barcelona did it in past for Real Madrid. Real Madrid already won the league in 2007/08 season, before Barcelona paid a visit to Santiago Bernabeu. Blaugrana performed the guard of honur for them at that point. Los Blancos are due to perform a Guard of Honour for the Blaugrana and they’ll be eagerly waiting for 6 May 2018’s El Clasico.

However, Real Madrid’s manager Zinedine Zidane has already made clear. His team won’t perform a Guard of Honour for Barcelona. He said as Marca reports, “I don’t know how much you are going to ask me but my response is very clear. It’s my decision and that is it. I don’t understand the guard of honour and it won’t take place, although we are far from the end of the season. Barcelona broke the tradition.”

Zidane blamed Barcelona skipping the tradition. Barcelona didn’t offer guard of honour to Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu after they won Club World Cup in December. I don’t know how much Club World Cup trophy counts when it comes to performing the guard of honour. It has always been performing the guard of honour to domestic winners.

Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde also avoids the question blaming today’s malaise football environment. He said, “A [Guard of Honour] was something done years ago as a symbolic tribute, as recognition among players, when football had not acquired the nuance that is contaminating everything. We do have recognition towards Madrid, for what they have achieved this year. On the notion of the guard of honour, I wouldn’t do it for anyone, nor would I want it to be done for us, it has now has lost the essence that it had a few years ago.”

Although, Barcelona star Gerard Pique is overwhelmed about the guard of honour from Real Madrid. He told Movistar Partidazo, “I’m not going to sleep tonight”. Barcelona controversy king couldn’t leave any moment of creating a controversy.

But the truth is great players still respects each-other. It’s about true sportsmanship. It shows how much you respect each other despite a bitter rivalry between the clubs. Fans have shown it on the different occasions when they gave a standing ovation to an opponent player. Juventus’ fans shown respect to Cristiano Ronaldo last week for his performance despite being suffering a defeat against Real Madrid.

This whole Barça/Madrid guard of honour nonsense is so sad. It’s supposed to be a tribute to the achievements of the team receiving it. Not a humiliation of the team giving it. If you see historically, when a winner team walks out of tunnel then the opposition performs a guard of honour for them. They make a corridor for them standing in two lines leaving a way out, and clap for them. It’s all about true sportsmanship and acknowledging respect for each other.

Real Madrid shouldn’t forget that Barcelona do have performed a guard of honour for them exactly 10 seasons ago. They owe a guard of honour to the Catalans. But if they want to avoid the situation they must hope that Atletico Madrid maintains a 100% record in their games. They are up against Levante (H), Real Sociedad (A), Real Betis (H), and Alaves (A).

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