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Diego Simeone must win against Barcelona

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Diego Simeone must find a winning way, at least at home against Barcelona

Atletico Madrid haven’t won against Barcelona at home in La Liga since Diego Simeone took charge at the club. The Argentine boss has only won twice against Barcelona in his 23 games record, and both of them have come in UEFA Champions League. It’s time for Los Colcheneros’ boss to give something to cheer for his home fans proving that he can help his team win against Barcelona. He must find a winning way at home against Barcelona in La Liga.

There is no doubt that he outplayed mighty Barcelona at home in 2013/14 season by earning a 1-1 draw at Camp Nou and won La Liga title, but he’d definitely not like to finish his career as a winless manager against Barcelona at home in league.

La Liga cult teams need to be ambitious than vying for an European place

Vicente Calderon didn’t witness a good result, Atletico come up with Wanda Metropolitano last season. It also didn’t prove fruitful in first season against the defending champion, but they must break the hoodoo now.

La Liga is wide open once again. Spanish Primera Division leader, Barcelona have only one point advantage over the three teams following them. Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, and Alaves follow them with each grabbing 23 points from their 12 games, whereas Barcelona lead with their 24 points. Once again opportunity is knocking on the doors of Atletico Madrid to end Barcelona and Real Madrid’s dominance in Spanish top division.

In last 14 seasons, only Atletico Madrid have been able to reduce the gap at top fighting neck-to-neck with giant duo Barcelona and Real Madrid. They have been a real force and have cause much damage to both of them seemingly and unseeingly. They have won the title, finished second or third on many occasions and are always pushing themselves.

This season, they need to push themselves little more. Diego Simeone must find a way to get results against Barcelona or Real Madrid at home. It has proven that they are not invincible; they have lost too many points this early in the season. Atletico need to make the most of this opportunity by at least grabbing their points, so that they can get benefit from their lost point.

It’s unbelievable to think that Barcelona have lost 12 points in their first 12 games, and they are still leading the table. La Liga cult teams should have capitalize on the situation, but it’s still not too late. Barcelona and Real Madrid will make more mistakes under pressure knowing they can’t afford any more mishaps, but unfortunately things will happen. They can’t control it, Atletico Madrid must be ready to make the most of their unfortunate events.


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