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Cristinao Ronaldo Real Madrid exit, CR7 demands, Florentino Perez

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s insane demands at Real Madrid forcing an exit

Real Madrid is not ready to listen to Cristiano Ronaldo’s insane demands and it is forcing an exit from the club. Los Blancos have learned that CR7 is no longer the same force he used to be a few seasons ago, and in no way are they going to make him the best-paid football player.

However, Ronaldo claims that the club is not ready to offer him as promised before and it is forcing an exit for the Portuguese star. Ronaldo and Real Madrid board have had their differences in past as well, but this time it really seems that saga is going to have a bitter end.

Marca reports, “After Florentino Perez, Jose Angel Sanchez, and Jorge Mendes met on Tuesday to review the player contract, the future of the Portuguese in a white shirt appears to be getting darker by the day.”

The report also adds, “After the 12th Champions League crown was conquered in Cardiff, the President of Real Madrid (Florentino Perez) promised his star that he would improve the terms of his contract in lieu of his great performance. According to those in Ronaldo’s camp, Perez even put a number on the table: €30m net per year.”

Now, with an average season for Ronaldo before the turn of the year 2018, it seems Real Madrid officials are not ready to entertain an improved deal for their main star.

The reason is quite simple. Ronaldo is no longer their prized possession. There are many in Real Madrid ranks who are ready to shine on the bigger stage. Ronaldo’s age is also a factor to not consider him as a lethal force as he used to be.

Ronaldo will turn 34 next year. His dribbling ability has dropped, his pace has also dropped, and he no longer can make those run from the left side. He only shined this season because Zinedine Zidane played him in the middle and he was lethal with his shots from inside the penalty area.

Now, Zidane is gone and he may not be the pick of the new manager coming in. it will be insane to offer a limited use player the best salary in the world.

On the other hand, Real Madrid is on their way to make their new galactic signing. It seems Neymar is on his way to make a move to Santiago Bernabeu. The Brazilian star will cost at least €200m and his salary cap will also involve another €37m yearly expenditure.

Ronaldo wouldn’t like to be getting lesser salary than his teammate at the club being considered himself as the best player and it is causing trouble in his contract negotiations.

CR7 is also not ready to accept that he’ll be earning lesser than two or three players in the world. Messi is already earning €50m per year at Barcelona, Neymar earns €37m at PSG, and Antoine Griezmann improved deal at Atletico Madrid is expected to be €23m per season.

It left Ronaldo to think about a place where he could challenge these stars. Paris Saint-Germain can afford that kind of salary to a player considering their global marketing. The Paris based club signed David Beckham for six months in 2013 only for marketing purposes and they can do the same with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Otherwise, Manchester United is interested in Ronaldo. Jose Mourinho made the gamble signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his first season at the club, and he may take that gamble again signing Cristiano Ronaldo. The only problem is Ronaldo won’t come as a free man. Red Devils will have to pay an insurmountable amount to Real Madrid to acquire his services. It is reported that Ronaldo’s buyout clause at Real is €1 billion.

In that case, Manchester United’s link can be downplayed but PSG can be a prospect in a swap deal for Neymar. However, we think Ronaldo will face the reality and stay at Real Madrid finding a common ground to make the contract work.

He is in a contract with the club till 2021. It’s Real Madrid who are in better position to negotiate the deal and they’ll try to make the most of it.


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