Barcelona is serious with Neymar’s tip to sign Philippe Coutinho

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Philippe Coutinho may have sign a new deal with Liverpool to stay till 2021, but Barcelona continues to pursue with their effort to bring the star at Camp Nou. Coutinho is Liverpool’s fans favourite at the moment, but Barcelona is serious with Neymar’s tip to sign compatriot Brazilian star. Sport reports Barcelona’s operation to sign Philippe Coutinho is underway.

Earlier in the week, Neymar revealed the Premier League player he would like to see at Barcelona, and he said Liverpool star playmaker Coutinho would totally fit in Barcelona. Barcelona took seriously the word of the man at the moment now, and started their operation to bring the Brazilian from Anfield to Camp Nou.

Sport reports, “Brazilian has been on Blaugranas agenda for a year, but the conditions haven’t been right to sign him. Now, they are. Coutinho would love to wear Barcelona shirt and move to Camp Nou, and however much Liverpool deny it, he can be bought this summer.”

Coutinho shares an agent with Psg’s Marquinhos for a year, Giuliano Bertclucci. Bertclucci and his team had a good relationship with Barcelona, and they have maintained contact with them, visiting the club on various occasions.

Spanish tabloid also added, Barcelona representatives have met with Coutinho’s representative in Brazil as well, and Coutinho was on the table with them. Brazilian understands it will be hard for him to earn the accolades at Liverpool as much as he can earn in Barcelona. Trophies are not going to dry up in Barcelona, whereas in Liverpool it’s very hard to come by.

He also has offers from PSG and some other top European clubs, but Brazilian has no interest in those offers. But, it’s difficult to say no to Barcelona. He was once in the Catalunya for six months, playing on loan to Espanyol and he has friends there. Now, it’s all on Barcelona, if they want to speed up their chase for Liverpool star, they will have to sell one or two existing midfielders.


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