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India made the history against USA playing their first FIFA tournament in U-17 World Cup. But, it got even better when Jeakson Singh scored the first ever FIFA U-17 World Cup goal for his country against Colombia on Monday. They lost 3-0 against the USA, but showed some shine of resurgence and grabbed the eye bowl with Komal Thathal performance of the night.

They are not up to the level to compete against the FIFA’s best nations playing in FIFA U-17 World Cup, but they don’t need to show more respect to their rivals chasing the ball all time. Colombia obviously was superior team of the night and India chased the ball most of the time, but Blue brigade were much eager to go on the scoresheet as well.

Jeakson Singh header in 82nd minute, which came as an equalizer become India’s official first goal in a FIFA hosted tournament. Colombia’s Juan Penaloza has already given the lead to his team with his 49th minute strike, but he breaks India’s hurt with his second of the night in 83rd minute.

India would have been happier to collect a point for their effort against Los Cafeteros and they deserved so, but luck wasn’t with the host. Blues didn’t have the best of the ball possession, but they had the couple of good shots in the first half.

First, Abhijit missed a scoring opportunity forcing Colombian goalkeeper to make a save and then Rahul hit the woodwork in closing minutes of first half. Two defeats in a row witnessed India is not going further in the tournament, but there were lot of positives to take from the tournament.

India has improved defensively a lot, but they need to work on their attacking play. They are weak going forward and lack the necessary pace with their build up. If you lack the pace to beat the defenders, at least you need a strong build up and formation during the game time. It was lacking in our squad during both of the games and we need to work on our players’ physicality aspect.

India still has a game to play against Ghana. The Blue Brigade have already broke the deadlock and they have proved they can score, all they need now is a victory for a long lasting memory. Our first FIFA U-17 World Cup memory should last longer in our thoughts and a victory against Ghana will serve the purpose.



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