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Ghana didn’t have any mercy on host India in FIFA U-17 World Cup group A game. The two time U-17 world champion defeated debutant India 4-0 to show them it’s a men’s game. Whereas Ghana manages to book their place in round of 16, India left hunting for their first victory.

India had faced defeat against USA and Colombia in the past two group fixtures, but they never suffered such brutality. USA defeated India 3-0 in first group match, but India have shown some potential. Colombia defeated India 2-1 as well, but it was Blue Brigade who earned name for themselves, especially when Jeakson Singh Thounaojam became the first Indian to score in a FIFA hosted tournament.

India’s U-17 journey started in jittery

But, Ghana was a different nut to crack. They were more physical and they shown how a men’s game is played. India continued to work on same principle of playing a long ball and launching their wingers on either side to make an impact, but in football every game day demands a different ball game.

India lack of pace and physicality suffered against the Ghana’s superiority. The one and only chance came early in the game when the host earned a corner and everyone expected Jeakson to make an impact again. But, it was a different game and Ghana soon lifts up their game.

Eric Ayiah, Ghana’s captain had the ball in the back of the net in only 4th minute of the game. Although, it was ruled offside, two time world champion had made their intentions clear. First half didn’t witnessed much of the goal, but Ayiah made it sure his team won’t go into the tunnel without a lead.

He perfectly pulled a shot in the roof of the net before going into half time to give Ghana 1-0 lead. Second half also brings delight for the visitors as they got two quick goals before India settled down.

Ayiah struck his second of the game in 52nd minute, when Arko-Mensah found his captain with acres of space in the penalty area. Mr. Captain didn’t make any mistake and India was 2-0 down. Richard Danso, Ayiah replacement added third whereas Emmanuel Toku added fourth tom complete the 4-0 rout.

India didn’t look to cause any problem what so ever for the Ghanaian defence as Ghana’s coach Fabin Samuel acknowledged as reports, “To be frank, they didn’t pose any threat to our team. I don’t know why? The plan was to start on a high note, play fast and see if India can cope?”

He added, “We could have scored more. I’m happy with the result.”

The experienced football fans who could bring their insights into the game can easily notice Indian players lack of pace and physicality. And it’s evident, if India wants to compete to against the world’s best, they’ll have to take care of the diet and body.

We saw the skills and individual talents. Komal Thatal and Aniket Jadhav impressed with their skills, but their physicality didn’t come into the game. They need to learn from the international stars, how they cope against a physical side. Barcelona is not a very physical side, but they cope up with their ball possession football. Lesser you lose the ball; you have lesser chances to deal with the physical aspects of the game.

We still have proud in our boys. It was their first appearance on the international stage. It’s difficult to lace up and beat your nerves on debut, good things will surely come in future events.


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