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AIFF next leap forward as they signed MOU with Dutch football federation KNVB

All India Football Federation signed an MOU (Memorandum of Association) with Dutch football federation KNVB ON May 24. It’s a big leap forward for the nation who craves for quality football.

The Dutch have the best academy in the world and they’re the inventor of ‘total football’. The best football playing countries and clubs around the world follow the path of Dutch football. It’s a kind of revolution for India to sign a Memorandum of Association with KNVB (Dutch Football Federation).

AIFF’s General secretary Kushal Das and KNVB’s Secretary-General Gijs de Jong signed the MOU between the two federations. The MOU primarily focuses on strengthening three key aspects of football in India – the Youth Development Programme, Women’s Football, and Coach Education.

The three pillars are the key indicator of the overall development of football in India. You need a good youth development programme to develop a footballing culture, equal priority to Women’s Football, and better coaching to assist the players in their development.

India is lucky to adopt a roadmap when men and women football are getting the equal voice. They won’t be suffering the criticism of men’s biased as the other football playing nations have suffered in recent times.

Das was delighted to sign the MOU with KNVB. He said as AIFF official website reports, “It’s great to sign a formal MOU with KNVB. Our relationship with Dutch football started way back in 2011 when Mr. Robert Baan joined us as the technical director. He had created our roadmap – the Lakshya which we are still following.”

“Women’s football is something which we are looking at in a bigger way. We have already started our conversation with KNVB regarding the improvement of Indian women coaches. Moreover, we’ll be grateful if someone comes here to help us excel in Women’s football.”

KNVB’s Secretary-General Gijs de Jong was also excited with the MOU. He said, “To be honest, we are very proud to sign such an MOU with a football federation like All India Football Federation. We have some experience on the world stage and India is a massive country with a huge talent pool. Hopefully, we can collaborate and help each other. If we both head in the right direction we can play the FIFA Women’s World Cup together in the near future.”


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