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USA vs Costa Rica

Copa America

USA thumping win over Costa Rica

USA thumping 4-0 win over Costa Rica, US may go further in the tournament if they win
or even play a draw against Paraguay.

USA stunned Costa Rica with their thumping 4-0 win and set themselves at top of Group A for a moment. Next Colombia are up against Paraguay and if they win or even draw they will top the group. US as a host nation surprised their fans with a thumping victory of Costa Rica, World Cup quarter-finalists, because two days back they end up as losing team against Colombia.


USA didn’t perform well against Colombia in their opener and they lost 2-0. They came stronger against Costa Rica and collected all three points. Clint Dempsey hit his 50th for the nation with a 8′ minute penalty. Then Jones finished brilliantly from the edge of the box in 37′ minute. Bradley sets up the attack with the most delicious of balls, a sweeping 30 yard thing of beauty. It eventually comes to Wood on the edge of the area, who turns and shoots and US got their third in 41′ minute. Wondolowski steals the ball, Zusi streaks away towards goal with it and finishes calmly past Pemberton in 86′ minute as well. US sealed a thumping victory over Costa Rica.

Costa Rica didn’t look like a unit who is going any farther in the tournament. Costa Rica were great for the first five minutes and largely absent for the next 85, a strange performance from a team that have shown they can raise their games on the big stage. They should be packing their bags because the next for them is Colombia who is clear winner in Group A. Costa Rica grabbed only 1 point from two matches, a defeat against USA and a draw against Paraguay.

The winner of the Group A will play the runners up of Group B in quarterfinal. Colombia is surely going to be the winner of Group A. USA made their impact and they look like they are going to stay a little longer in the tournament and upsets some team going to quarterfinals. Next they are up against Paraguay and a win or even draw will work for them to book a place in quarterfinal.



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