Terror fear at Real Madrid home Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid,Fiorentino Perez ,Santiago Bernabeu,

Real Madrid are celebrating their 115th anniversary this season, and President Fiorentino Perez celebrated his 70th birthday only on 8th March, but there were some bad news for the club and the president. There are reports of a white package delivery to Santiago Bernabeu in the name addressing Fiorentino Perez. The package include white powder which was initially suspected to be drugs, but then it was ruled out. A further investigation needed Madrid police help to clear there is no terror fear at Real Madrid home Santiago Bernabeu.

Spanish media reports packaged was sent from Italy after Napoli defeat in Uefa Champions League last 16. Real Madrid knocked out Partanopei defeating 6-2 on aggregate, and in response for that someone from Naples town sent the package.

German news outlet Bild reports, “the same white powder package become life-threatening spleen sent to politicians and news stations after 2001 New York terror attack on World Trade Centre and it killed five people then who came in contact with the powder.”

In protective suits, biochemist experts searched the stadium and authority gave their remarks that substance wasn’t life threatening. Real Madrid will play Real Betis in their Sunday Laliga outing, and hope they won’t have something in mind when they play the game.

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