Rumoured 100 million offer to Messi to not sign Barcelona new contract

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Talks, talks and talks. Everyday there is a new rumour surfacing around Messi next destination. The more delay Barcelona management team and Messi personal team will opt for, there is going to be further talks about Messi next destination. A £200m offer from Manchester City, a €50 million wage per year, and now an unidentified offer of 100 million, to not sign a new deal with Barca. Spanish news agency Elmundo reports of a possible 100 million signing offer to Messi, if he opts for not signing the Barcelona new deal.

Every reports are coming with a different angle, and there are different perspective, and it’s time when Barcelona management team must be feeling uncomfortable, and they should be. It’s not a great sign for them, loosing their best player, not to say their best, World’s best player. It’s not only Barcelona who must be feeling the heat, in Messi’s personal camp there must be a hiccup situation. They have an uncomfortable situation as well, they can’t renew the contract before court decision comes on tax fraud case. There are other reasons as club loyalty, Messi’s personal values, lucrative offers to whitewash your mind, which may brought more confusion for Messi in upcoming days.

Messi’s current deal with Barcelona ends on 30th June 2018, and Barcelona have only three transfer windows to capitalize if Messi doesn’t opt for a renewal of contract. Barcelona couldn’t lose out the World’s best player without a deal, it should be World’s most expensive transfer ever. And, if before June 2017, Barcelona will not offer a deal to Messi worth contract extension, the road ahead for them going to be worst. No clubs will offer any money what so ever to them, and they will wait for Messi contract to end, and acquire him in a free transfer window with a lucrative wage payment.

Well, we don’t know which club has offered a 100 million signing bonus, but whoever it be, he is watching the Messi situation closely at Barcelona. There are clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, and PSG, who are ready to acquire the services of World’s best. And, not to forget Chinese may come up with an offer for Messi to promote their league, and they can beat any offer presented by Europe’s top clubs. If they can pay Hulk a hefty sum, which makes him fifth highest paid footballer, Messi is Messi.

Let’s see, who is going to win this situation? A lucrative offer, a wage deal, club loyalty or a personal choice to move to his native country Newell’s Old Boys club, whatever it will be, it will have a major impact on Messi’s personal values. His fans may change as his decision will impact a larger community, but currently it’s all in La Pulga hands.

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