Revenge, Destiny, Dream, name it all, it’s Neymar Olympic gold

Neymar did it all, scored to give the lead, fight till end to secure the gold and scored penalty to make history by winning Rio Olympic Gold. The penalty shootout is on, Brazil leads 4-4, Germany missed their fifth, and it’s all on Neymar to win it. An Olympic gold is at stake, a trophy, a medal which Brazil envied for 120 years, been there three times before but couldn’t find an escape to take it home. The burden of five time world champion, and still doesn’t earn a gold in Olympics’ football, it was all in his head, when he came forward to steal the show, to win an Olympic Gold.

He took a long stride, three steps, stopped, watched the movement of German goal-keeper Horn, and bang it on the other side of the post. The emotion on his face you can feel it, you can see it, what it means to him. An Olympic gold was all Brazilian dream, no country can match their feat in football, and they were still lost when it comes to Olympic gold. Neymar did it, Neymar became the first hero of Brazil to do it, Pele, Zico, Romario, Ronaldo all failed to win it, but their new star kid, may not be as good as any of them, but he shined on the occasion, when many failed to achieve that.

Many will take it as a revenge against Germany of their 2014 world cup semifinal humiliation of 7-1, but it wasn’t a revenge, it is a dream come true. A dream Brazilian carried over a hundred years, it took a century to come true. There was emotions in all over the famous Maracana Stadium, not the kind of when 200,000 Brazilians watched Brazil loss against Uruguay in 1950’s world cup final on the historic ground, but it wasn’t different than that, a history once again created, but it brings a happy ending. When you get something like Olympic gold after a century’s time, you don’t think of revenge, it’s your dream runs in your mind. Revenge is short lived, dream always find space in your heart and mind allows you not to give up.

It was Neymar’s destiny to become first Brazilian to win the Olympics’ gold. How could he have been compared to his fellow Brazilians who have won world cup for Brazil? A world cup will only be just another world cup for them, they don’t need to win another world cup to prove their supremacy. It was the need of hour when Brazil lost to Uruguay in 1950’s final, it may have worked for Pele to win the first world cup for Brazil, but for Neymar it’s Olympic gold which will make him great in Brazil.

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