Paulo Dybala finalizes a 7 million per year deal with Juventus until 2022

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A day after Paulo Dybala prolific display against Barcelona, Correiro Dello Sport revealed the almost finalized deal between the player and the club. La Joya is supposed to earning €7 million per season until 2022 at Juventus. La Joya wages will be distributed between original wages and specific bonuses. He is expected to earn €5 million as regular wages and expected €2 million in bonuses.

Dybala overshadowed Messi in Turin

Correiro Dello Sports repots, The big news is that the new contract will tie Dybala to Juventus until 2022, two year more than the current deal. Although, negotiation between the Juventus Director General Beppe Marotta and Dybala agent Pierpaolo Triulzi has talked about only one year of extension.

The new wage structure of La Joya will fetch him the top salary in Bianconeri dressing room alongside the compatriot Gonzalo Higuain. Juve won’t be paying only Dybala €7 million per season according to his new contract, but they will also have to pay a bonus of €8 million to his old club Palermo.

Dybala leads Juventus a step closer to semifinal

Juventus management taking advantage of the situation, as he is prime target of both Spanish rivals Barcelona & Real Madrid, left the door open for the bidder. There is no release clause in Dybala’s agreement, which Juventus may reveal officially tomorrow. The important thing in Dybala’s agreement conclusion was his image rights, which player will own with certain agreement with the club.

Yesterday, after Juventus 3-0 victory over Barcelona in which Dybala played a pivotal role, Gigi Buffon rated La Joya in top five players of the world. He said as reported by Football Italia, “Dybala has grown exponentially over the last two years. When I talk to directors or friends in football, I’ve been saying for a while that he is good enough to be in the top five players in the world and wouldn’t be out of place in the top three. Having said that, he needs to prove it every time and with regularity, to show he is worthy of our expectations of him.”


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