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When you don’t have much to lose and still have a reason to play the game, you become more dangerous for your opposition. Manchester United has nothing to lose against Manchester City in Manchester derby on Saturday, but they had a reason to play. They knew Premier League trophy has slipped from their hands, not mathematically but in the realistic sense, they were 16 points behind City with only 7 games left to play. And with City leading 2-0 at halftime with the goals from Vincent Kompany and Ilkay Gundogan, United pictured a burdensome humiliation watching them celebrate the title in front of them. The only thing which could have inspired United at that moment was to avoid that humiliating situation. Jose Mourinho’s half-time pep talk was just a reminder of imagining that humiliating moment and it worked wonder with Paul Pogba’s own inspiration.

Pogba: For all the fans it would be like death

United fought back from 2-0 down to win 2-3. Pogba inspired his team with two quick goals in a span of 97 seconds to put them on the level term. Later Chris Smalling sealed the match with his 69th-minute volley.

Smalling told reporters after the match what Mourinho said to them. He told, “The manager didn’t have to say much at half-time as we knew ourselves it was a poor performance. He said that we don’t want to be the clowns standing there watching them get their title. City have been fantastic here all season, but we stepped up and won the game.”

Pogba has his own inspiration from his last season defeat. He told as goal reports, “I didn’t want to lose against City. The loss from last season is still in mind. If they won they are champion, for all the fans it would be like death. To lose against City and to see them celebrate, I couldn’t let that happen. At half-time in the dressing room, we said we have nothing to lose.”


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