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The 2007 World Player of the Year, Ricardo Kaka achieved a new height in his career. The Orlando City’s star midfielder reaches Harvard University to take classes for a day. He received an executive education certificate from the prestigious university as well.

Brazilian attacking midfielder also gave a speech on soft skills. Kaka has always been known for his education and principles he values in his life. The 34-year-old is an avid Bible reader, and he has good knowledge of his religion. He has proven footballers’ life is more fulfilled, when they enjoy the different aspects of life as well.

It’s not only about raising the glasses after a good match, and enjoying a late night party. He epitomizes the perfect father figure, a family man, and now he has added another recognition to his name. He attended the university and spent time with Harvard University great laurels Deepak Malhotra, Lynda M. Applegate and Michael Porter.

Kaka posted a couple of Instagram snaps on his Instagram account. He posted in one of the post his picture of giving a speech and post writes,”Palavras suaves são como favos de mel, doçura para a alma e saúde para o corpo.”

It sums up,”Soft words are like honey combs, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.”

In another post he writes about feeling privileged to study one day in Harvard University. He has wonderful experience taking classes with Deepak Malhotra, Lynda M. Applegate and Michael Porter.


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