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Neymar may become most hated footballer, if he leaves PSG for Real Madrid after his latest tweet

Neymar may become the most hated footballer if he leaves PSG for Real Madrid after his latest tweet. His pursuit to become the no.1 footballer in the world may also end if he disappoints his fans after his latest social media stunt.

Ney’s latest tweet says that he is proud to wear the new PSG jersey and want to continue giving Parisians joy. When the whole world has come to notice his potential move to Real Madrid and it almost felt like he’ll play for Real Madrid next season, this PR stunt is not making a good impression.

He has done it in past with Barcelona and now he’s doing the same with PSG. You can’t be proud one day for something and very next day you exchange that for something else. You should feel that in your blood veins.

Neymar must feel what it means to PSG’s fans. They wouldn’t have minded if he chose to leave without creating a fuss about his loyalty to the club before the last matchday. It’s hard to believe, it’s club loyalty or a PR stunt.

Nobody knows the exact answer. Is Neymar going to stay or he will make a move to Real Madrid? However, his tweet has definitely tried to calm the situation but I don’t believe it’s going to give rest to Real Madrid’s pursuit of him.

You can see it from a different angle. Neymar may be trying to sell more merchandise for PSG before he leaves. The club fans may have got an assurance that he is going to stay with us next season and it will add up to new shirt sell. But if he betrays PSG’s fans after his latest social media stunt, god forbid – he may become the most hated footballer in the world.

He must be clear in his mind that he is not going to leave PSG before he tweeted about club loyalty. It doesn’t give a good impression to play a double game especially when you’re at the top. Football is not only about money or winning trophies, it’s about emotions. And he has got no right to play with innocent club fans’ emotions.


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