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Messi breaks Ronaldo record,Uefa Champions League group stage, 100 goals

Champions League

Messi will eye to break Ronaldo’s record in Uefa Champions League

Both Messi & Ronaldo is eyeing to catch the 100 goals record in Uefa Champions League first. Well, Ronaldo has 95 goals to his name, and Messi is sitting three behind him with 92 goals. So, it will be insane to say that they will be able to reach the 100 goal landmark in their respective matches against Borussia Monchengladbach & Borussia Dortmund in last group game of Uefa Champions League 2016, until and unless Messi hits 8 against Monchengladbach, and Ronaldo hits 5 against Dortmund. But, they can certainly fancy to reach 100 goal landmark in all Uefa club competion, in which Ronaldo stands at 98 and Messi at 95. But talking individually about Messi, he certainly has the chance to break Ronaldo’s one existing record.

Ronaldo holds the record of scoring most no. of goals in Uefa Champions League group stage game in a single season. He has 11 goals record to his name, all scored in a single season of the competition in 2015/16 season. And, now Messi has 9 goals to his name, and he still has a game to play against Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday, 6th Dec, 2016. If Messi scores a hat-trick, he will get past Ronaldo’s tally of group stage goals in a single season, and a brace will put him on level with the Portuguese star.

If Barcelona and Real Madrid reaches to the further stages of Champions League 2016/17 season, for which they have already qualified into top 16, both of them are definitely going to surpass their 100 goals landmark in champions league. But, it’s a sure thing, both are going to reach 100 goal marks this season, but question arises who will achieve the feat first.

Ronaldo is most likely to achieve the feat first, but Messi is not far behind. If Ronaldo only need to find the net 5 times, Messi also needed a distant 8. And the kind of form, Messi is enjoying in Champions League this season, he may surpassed Ronaldo’s goal tally in the competition. When the tournament started, Messi was 10 behind Ronaldo, sitting at second with 83 goals to his name, whereas Ronaldo had 93 to his name. But, Messi hit couple of hat-tricks and a brace to cover up his loss of last two seasons in which Ronaldo flourished with 17 & 16 goals campaign respectively.

Messi will not only eye for breaking Ronaldo’s goal record in group stage, but he would also like to write his name as the highest goal scorer in a single season in overall matches. Messi used to rule with his 14 goals tally of 2011/12 season, bur Ronaldo surpassed him in two consecutive seasons of 2014/15 and 2015/16 season scoring 17 and 16 respectively in both seasons. Now, it’s time for regain his lead, as he is in a good position to surpass his goal tally. If Barcelona reaches to the final, Messi has 8 games including group game against Borussia Monchengladbach to surpass Ronaldo’s 17 goal record of a single season. It means he only need to score a goal per game, as he already has 9 goals to his name after five match day.

Messi has only played four games this season, missing away game against Monchengladbach to hit his 9 goals. Although, you cannot complain about a missing game, when last season Ronaldo had hit 11 goals in group stage of the competition, he scored all eleven in only four games. If Messi can weave the magic, as he had against Bayern Leverkusen in 2011/12 season, hitting five goals, he will be the first to score 100 goals in Uefa club competition, and will be able to go far beyond Ronaldo’s 11 in group stage of a single season with 14 goals.


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