Messi is a moron, labeled Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawwas

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A fortnight ago, Messi was on a trip to Egypt to promote Prime Pharma “Tour n Cure” campaign, during which Barcelona no.10 visited Egypt’s Pyramids as well. Egypt’s former minister of Antiquites, and renowned archeologist Zahi Hawwas did the honour to give a tour to Argentine soccer hero, but Messi blank look during the Pyramid’s visit earned him the label of Moron.

In a telephone interview with Sada Al-Balad TV, Dr. Hawwas talked about recent visits by international celebrities to Egypt and the pyrmids. Hawwas commented about actor Will Smith & Lionel Messi. He described The Pursuit of Happiness star as a personal friend, and said that Smith paid from his own pocket during his entire visit, and he was involved in the conversation during the Pyramid visit. Whereas, Lionel Messi was label as “moron,” because of his blank look on his face when the Egyptian archaeology was explained to him, reports.

The comment aired on Sada-Al-Balad TV on March 5, and Egypt’s former minister of antiquities – Mr. Hawwas didn’t like Messi’s gesture when he hosted him to visit the pyramids. He also said, he understands Messi is only interested in football, but i’m sorry to say, he is a moron.

Messi was on a visit as Egypt’s tourism global ambassador, and he promoted Hepatitis C medication to save lives of the Egyptian patients suffering from the illness. He also raised fund to cure Hepatitis C through the auction of his shirt. Medication against Hepatitis C saves lives, let’s put an end to the waiting lists writes Messi Facebook page.

Hawwas hasn’t chosen the right time to criticize Barcelona star, Blaugranas will be hosting PSG tomorrow at Camp Nou and they need to turn a 4-0 deficit. It will be better, if Messi himself hear about the criticism a date later, so he can focus tomorrow on the unfinished business.

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