Maradona describes Messi as ‘Teddy bear’ and Dybala ‘a phenomenon’

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Diego Maradona, football’s one of the greatest legend and Argentina’s World Cup winner never shies away from making comments to a player. Sometimes he speaks in your favor and sometime he may criticize you heavily. He was in a good mood talking to TYC Sports today and he described Juventus star Paulo Dybala as a phenomenon, and points Messi innocence in recent FIFA ban as teddy bear.

Talking about Paulo Dybala development, Maradona describes him as a phenomenon. “I’ve been following him since he was at instituto. He just needs to play as many games as possible, but he’ll make it because he is a phenomenon,” Football Italia reports.

He added, “sometimed La Joya tries to do the things which are too quick for Italian football, he is yet to get used to a certain way of playing but give him time and he’ll keep improving. He is on the level of players like Messi, Higuain and Aguero. “

“Messi is by far the best, but the other three are great players, each with his own characteristics. Messi and Dybala, for example, have feet Higuain doesn’t have. Therefore, I’ll say that Higuain will keep scoring, and Dybala will keep growing,” he sums up.

Recently, he was criticized for being the man behind Messi’s four-match ban by FIFA. Argentinian journalist Gonzo Stupenengo confirmed on his twitter account that Maradona pushes Messi ban, as he described he had a talk with the son of a FIFA representative.

No special treatment for Messi from FIFA, banned him for four matches

Maradona facing the accusations tried calling to Messi many times, but Barcelona no.10 didn’t receive his calls. He said I’m going to talk to FIFA to reduce his ban because four match ban is too much for a reflexive act. “I think his insults were a reflexive act. Compare it to [Zinedine] Zidane’s headbutt on [Marco] Materazzi…

“Messi is a sensational lad who doesn’t complain about anything, He is a teddy bear with his teammates.”

Maradona is FIFA brand ambassador and his jibe on Lionel Messi in past makes people think that he is the one behind Messi’s four match ban. But, Argentinian great himself is a big fan of Messi and he has embraced Messi on several occasions as well.


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