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LMA Chief Richard Bevan said loyalty to managers is “still the best recipe for success”

League Managers Association (LMA) chief executive Richard Bevan said loyalty to managers is “still the best recipe for success”. Bevan statement came in a fitting tribute to outgoing long-term Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and to cover the broader issue of managerial insecurity.

 Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will leave the club after staying 22 years with the North Londoners. He won ten major trophies during his reign at the club which includes three Premier League trophies and seven FA Cups.

Arsenal were successful during Wenger reign because they were loyal to their manager. It can be said same about former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson. Sir Alex didn’t win anything in his first three years as Red Devils boss, and then he goes on to win 13 Premier League titles, 2 Champions League titles, 5 FA Cups, and 4 League Cups in his major honours list.

The two of the Premier League’s most successful manager fits right into their bills and Bevan has every right to mention them as an example. Baven told BBC Five Live’s Sportsweek programme as Daily Mail reports, “It is still very difficult to survive any meaningful length to build a career. We have lost 50 managers and 160 coaches (this season). In terms of managers, it is 11 in the Premier League, 13 in the Championship, 16 in League One and 10 in League Two.”

He adds, “But we do have immense talent out there, (people) who are very determined to push through when they do have hard times and where we see progress, loyalty to managers is still the best recipe for success.”

Bevan was also asked about the least no. of years a manager should be given at the club. He said, “It is a really difficult question, but it’s is something if you could choose it would probably a (minimum) three-year term.”

LMA boss adds, “I remember Sir Alex talking about how to build your career within a three-year term, in terms of recruitment and building teams. But if you look at clubs which are actually sticking with their managers for a few year term, we have success – with the likes of John Coleman doing a great job at Accrington Stanley, Neil Harris at Millwall, Sean Dyche (Burnley), Chris Hughton (Brighton), there are many examples.”

We hope Bevan statement ends managerial insecurity and clubs once again starts to stick with their managers for at least three years. We are living in an era, where a manager is replaced or sacked at a club twice or thrice in a single season. It doesn’t only hurt the morale of the outgoing manager but also put an insurmountable pressure on the new manager arriving at the club.


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