Liverpool vs Manchester United rivalry to honour Jurgen Klopp’s second anniversary celebration

Liverpool vs Manchester United Image Courtesy: Daily Star

International break makes club football fans life boring on weekend, but it does get over with a bang. Premier League offers England’s most intense rivalry Liverpool vs Manchester United (on 14th Oct) just after the international break. And, this time it will be huge because Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp will be managing his first match after celebrating his second anniversary with the club.

There will be huge pressure on him to deliver a good result at Anfield to keep the home fans happy. Before going on international break, Reds suffered a huge blow playing a 1-1 draw against promoted side Newcastle United.

10 things to know about Liverpool vs Manchester United rivalry

KOP fans want some solid results from Klopp’s side as they have already suffered some hiccups this season. Last season Liverpool finished their campaign undefeated against the top six Premier League teams, but this season Manchester City have already ashamed the Anfield giant with 5-0 victory at Manchester Stadium.

Their poor results against the bottom half teams continue to bother them as well. They started the season with playing a 3-3 draw against Watford, played a 1-1 draw against Burnley and Newcastle United. If we leave Premier League aside, their Uefa Champions League campaign witnessed both matches ending with a draw result.

Jurgen Klopp needs to bring new insight into his managerial career moving into his third year as Liverpool’s boss. It couldn’t be bigger than welcoming Manchester United at Anfield and register a huge victory against them.

Jurgen Klopp’s defensive woes to cost Liverpool again

2016/17 season witnessed a dull affair between both the clubs. Liverpool goes for a 0-0 draw at their home keeping a tab on their defense, then Manchester United also hinted solidarity at back playing a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford.

Klopp is in no position to open his defenses this season as well to play attacking football, but he’ll have to. Fans don’t like a dull affair in such an intense rivalry and Klopp needs to offer something to his fans on his second anniversary.

Out of three meetings with Manchester United since his arrival at Anfield, Klopp hasn’t been able to register a victory. He ends up on losing side in his first meeting with United at Anfield, and that season Manchester walked away with home and away victory.

It’s time to make the score even and Klopp couldn’t find a better time to do it. It’s his second anniversary at the club and fans would like to remember that day for a long time. He will have to back his boys to go for a huge victory and cherish his fans.

Off the field, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp have already taken a jibe about each other in pre-season. At the start of the season, Mourinho said, “Liverpool would find this season more difficult than last after booking their berth in Champions League, although the Reds must overcome a qualifying round to make to the group stage.”

Klopp responded, “i’m not nterested in what Jose Mourinho says. Why should i talk about Manchester United? Jose is talking about us, yes.”

“Ok, we had a season like Manchester United the year before. i don’t know if anybody asked us how it feels. Sorry that we lost the final yes, that’s right. We played Sevilla, they played Ajax. That’s the difference.”

How these pre-seasons comments going to affect their actual behavior during the rivalry weekend is hard to say, but it’s going to be an intense battle at Anfield on Saturday, 14th October. Klopp must be ready to throw Liverpool’s fans his second anniversary party with a victory over Manchester United.

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