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Liverpool have more ups than down this season, but they are still out of title contenders’ race. They have displayed the best football against the top six sides, but against the bottom six teams, they have done poorly. They are undefeated against the top six in the nine matches played and accumulated 19 points out of total 27 points. It gives me a thought, what if Liverpool have had played only against the top six.

Sincerely, imagine if the league has been played differently. Top top would have competed only against one another, and bottom ten has competed against one other. Top two from the top ten and top two of the bottom half qualified for the Champions league, and further down the table two from each group had played Europa league. It’s not the best case scenario, but it would have been easier for the bottom ten to be decided winner.

After the end of the final day, both half leader points have been compared and the winners announced. I don’t know, who would have topped from the bottom half, but Liverpool definitely have led the top half. There are not quite good against the bottom side as they are against top sides. In nine matches they accumulated 19 points, if they play each team four times, and a league is decided after 36 matches, Liverpool would have been winner with 76 points.

It’s not only the stats of this season, last season as well, Liverpool performed better against the current top six. Out of ten matches played against Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Arsenal, only Manchester United registered victory over Liverpool in both of the fixtures. Rest of them played either draw or lost to them. Manchester City lost both of their fixtures; Chelsea lost one and played one draw, whereas Tottenham & Arsenal both end up playing draws against Livepool in their matches. They only accumulated 14 points last season against these top five teams, but they only lost twice which came against Manchester United. They took their revenge against Manchester United, winning Europa League both fixtures, which decided they were not bad against United as well.

Yes, they had a poor result in 2014/15 season against these top teams when they accumulated only 11 points lost to Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, and City as well. But, since Jurgen Klopp has arrived at Anfield, he has targeted the top five mainly. There was a time when Liverpool had 18 league titles, and other five had hardly earned the accolades as much as Anfield based club had. After Manchester United success Sir Alex Ferguson said,”my biggest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their f****** perch.”

It’s time for Jurgen Klopp to reestablish Liverpool trophies laden year, and win Premier League as many time as possible. Twenty-five years is a long enough wait, and there is going to be one more, because they lost their hope since the calendar year changed. It may be Chelsea time, but if the league had been played differently, and Liverpool have had played only top six, they would have already won the Premier League.


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