Lionel Messi writes a letter of apology to FIFA in his self-defense

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Lionel Messi may not have realized at that time, his heat of the moment words towards assistant referee will earn him four-match ban. On Wednesday, Messi after the game against Chile in World Cup Qualifier said some abusive words in the air, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by football’s disciplinary committee supreme body. Although, match referee Sandro Ricci didn’t report any misbehavior by Messi in his 16 page report, FIFA were very firm to set an example by banning the world’s best player for four matches on the video evidence which doesn’t even clarify the words used by Messi. In his own defense, Messi wrote a letter of apology to FIFA describing his no ill intention, and more as heat of the moment words.

Messi continues to his swearing of not talking to press, but he described his words were more in the air than directly insulting to the assistant referee. Messi letter to the FIFA writes, “I firmly deny having offended the assistant referee 1 in the match vs Chile, much less that my conduct fit within the norms of article 57 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code,” as Mundo Deportivo reports.

The assistant referee 1, of Brazilian nationality, understood perfectly what I was saying, to such an extent that we have conversed in a friendly manner without at any time my statements have offended or injured the referee. Needless to say, if any of my sayings had bothered the assistant referee 1, they were never addressed to him but they were told to air and I apologize for that, “La Pulga added.

Messi also claims the video presented by Chile team is an edited one, and cannot be appreciated with the certainty his conversation with the referee. Argentina Football Association (AFA) is also appealing separately to FIFA to reduce the ban, whereas Diego Maradona as FIFA brand ambassador claims of talking to FIFA boss Gianni Infantino.


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