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Lionel Messi is not interested in being best as self-acclaimed Cristiano Ronaldo

After watching his side lose against Levante miserably to end their invincible dream, Lionel Messi appears to be calm in an interview with Argentina’s TyC Sports. The five-times Ballon d’Or star talks on numerous topics, but he kept his focus on improving himself day by day rather than focusing on being world’s best.

La Pulga is not interested in being best as self-acclaimed Cristiano Ronaldo. His longtime rival Ronaldo used to envy his world’s best status when he has only one Ballon d’Or in his bags compared to Messi’s four. But now when both stars on level term with five Ballon d’Or awards, Ronaldo still needs to remind the world that he’s worlds best, Whereas Messi simply enjoys the love and affection of the largest share of football fans.

Messi told TyC Sports as Mundo Deportivo reports, “I’m not interested in being the best in history. I never proposed it; neither be the first, nor the second, third or fourth. Every time I start a year I try to improve myself, win everything, leave everything every time I go out on the ground, give maximum for my teammate and me. It doesn’t change anything to be the best in the history.”

He adds, “I want to always improve myself and I don’t compete with anyone, because I don’t play to be the best in history but to improve myself year after year and keep winning. The more titles you win at the end of the race, the better. And, obviously winning with the national team would be the best because it wasn’t given to us.”

Messi once again reminds the world that he doesn’t compete against Cristiano Ronaldo, but Real Madrid’s achievements do stimulate him to do better every season. He said, “It doesn’t stimulate me to compete against him (Ronaldo), but with the achievements of Madrid.”

We all know Messi and Neymar are very good friends as they developed their friendship during Neymar’s three seasons stay at Barcelona. Now it was Messi’s time to dwell into Neymar’s transfer link to Real Madrid from PSG.

Messi adds, “It would be terrible to see Nyman at Real Madrid for everything he meant for Barcelona. It would be a big blow for all the fans. If I told you something about this topic, you know what I think, I already told you.”

Barcelona no.10 also talked about his future and a possible switch to another club. He said, “I do not need to go to another team to prove anything to anyone. One looks at other leagues, but when deciding it is very difficult to leave Barcelona.”

“Barcelona and Argentina are my two great loves. I don’t know what I’ll do when I retire. What I’ll do, I will find it over time. I live day to day and I enjoy my family and what God gave me.”


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