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Lionel Messi joins the celebrities who have raised their voices to end conflict in Syria. Messi uses his Facebook social media account to spread the message, and appealed to Unicef to end Syria conflict as Unicef brand ambassador. The 29-year-old, Barcelona star writes on his Facebook page,“A war day is too much. The children of Syria have been subjected to violence and cruelty for SIX years in a conflict that holds them hostage. As a father and as a UNICEF’s Ambassador I am heartbroken. Add your voice to UNICEF to demand the end of the war.”

Last year in December, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his anguish over the plight of children in war conflict Syria territory, and made a donation to provide emergency supplies in Aleppo. He also sends a video message to Syrian children to not to loose hope through his Twitter account,“This is for the children of Syria. We know that you have been suffering a lot. I’m a very famous player, but you are true heroes. Don’t lose your hope, the world is with you. We care about you, and i’m with you.”

It’s good to see, both of the rival players have joined hands for the same cause. The Syria conflict started in 2011, and it’s now in its sixth year. Over the course of the war a number of peace initiatives have been launched, including the March 2017 Geneva peace talks on Syria led by the United Nations, but fighting continues.

U.N. study concluded that at least 191,369 people have died in the Syrian conflict, on 20 August 2014. United N ation, thereafter stopped collecting statistics, but a study by the Syrian Centre for Policy Research released in February 2016 estimated the death toll to be 470,000, with 1.9m wounded (reaching a total of 11.5% of the entire population either wounded or killed). As of September 2016, the European Union has reported that there are 13.5 million refugees in need of assistance in the country. UNICEF estimates that 8.4 million children are affected by the conflict either in Syria or as refugees.

Lionel Messi is known for his humanitarian work, and especially for the disabled children. It’s first time, he has spoken on Syria conflict affected child, but he has always been involved with humanitarian cause promoting – cancer hospital for the affected children, and through his own foundation FundacionLeoMessi.



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