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La Masia’s reputation threaten as Barcelona B relegation looming

Barcelona B team currently sits at 20th place on Spanish second division points table. There is only 6 points gap to safety and just four matches left to play. Relegation is looming for the Barcelona B and it threatens Barcelona famous La Masia academy reputation.

The Barcelona we know today has been built on the reputation of their famous La Masia graduates. It’s very unfortunate today that Barcelona senior team cannot boast of youngsters promoted through the ranks of academy graduates.

Barcelona felt proud of fielding a playing XI from La Masia a few years ago. Now, they only have Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Sergio Roberto as their own graduate considering Andres Iniesta’s departure after this season.

La Masia’s reputation has already been compromised not able to produce players from youth rank into the senior team, and now the relegation looming for the Barcelona B will only add to their pain.

However, La Masia graduates have something to cheer this season as they won Uefa Youth League last month. But relegation to the third division will certainly impact the morale of the team which includes some very bright prospect.

Players like Carles Alena, Marc Cardona, Carles Perez, Alejandro Marques, Abel Ruiz, Jose Arnaiz, Marc Cucurella, and Sergi Palencia are regarded as the very bright prospect, but they haven’t lived up to the expectation. Barcelona B is the most valued squad at Spanish second division but performance doesn’t support those valuations.

It certainly hurts Barcelona’s La Masia foundation. Youth players are not trusted for senior team debut and after relegation, those youth won’t be a high priority in the transfer market as well. Even few good prospects won’t fetch much if a club comes calling. La Masia’s reputation is certainly threatened if Barcelona B got relegated to Spanish third division.


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