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Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool FC have fallen in love with each other. It’s the first sign of greatness. When you admire each other and your character, spirit, and value combined together, you’re destined to achieve bigger things in life.

Liverpool have a rich history and Jurgen Klopp never shy away from admiring their past glory. Reds’ manager knows the importance of history when it comes to team spirit and inspiration.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool can win Champions League in Kiev

Klopp will be watching next week DVDs of Liverpool’s past European glory before facing AS Roma in Uefa Champions League semifinals. Will it make a difference tactically, certainly not, but it will definitely help him to lift the spirit of his players. Along with his squad, he can dwell into Liverpool past and it will help them value themselves being part of this great club.

Daily Mail reports as Klopp said, “I will watch them for sure. It is destiny. If any German goes to Bern in Switzerland, he can’t avoid thinking about 1954 (Germany’s first World Cup). There is not a lot of people around on the planet from that time now, but it just a special place. You think, “Ok, it happened here, well done all those guys”.

“If I find something that helped make this place even more remarkable or special for Liverpool, then I’ll use it. Rome is still Rome. It is the place. It is not who did what or when. It’s the place.”

Klopp is a complete package in himself

He knows what’s club expectation from him? He also knows winning trophies are ultimate goals, but he never likes to compromise on the process to achieve those titles. There is no quick fix. A football club is not about profit and loss; it’s about character, team spirit, and value.

The passionate manager has done a very good job in the transfer market over his five transfer windows. He hasn’t asked for too much from the Fenway Sports Group owners. His 2017/18 season transfer expenditure was £151.23 million, whereas income followed with £152.55 million. It resulted in a net profit of £1.32 million.

Liverpool’s last season transfer income/expenditure also resulted in a net profit of £4.5 million. Klopp did splash money heavily on Mohamed Salah, Virgil Van Dijk, Sadio Mane, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but he brought them at Anfield by reducing the size of the squad and selling the unwanted players in his teams. he gets rid of the players who didn’t fit in his plans.

Yes, he sold Philippe Coutinho but he didn’t want to sell the Brazilian. Coutinho himself didn’t want to be part of Liverpool anymore. Despite being Liverpool’s main man, Klopp didn’t let the morale of the squad let down after Coutinho departure. He took it as positive and allowed his team to build on his departure.

Klopp – Coutinho’s departure has made us more unpredictable

Klopp hails squad reaction after Coutinho departure. He said, “. With Coutinho, we were a lot more predictable. He was a very dominant player in our game. When we were not our best it was often a good idea to give him the ball. I’m not sure if that is good or not, but sometimes it backfired.”

He gave an example of Tottenham away game. Klopp said, “Tottenham away game was a bad example. We gave all responsibility to Phil and he lost the ball in a dribble in the wrong was not easy for him but we were out of the game.”

“It was always like this when Phil didn’t play, we had to do the job differently. To give the responsibility on different shoulders and splits it between the players. Now it has been few weeks I am happy by the reactions of the boys. They have stepped up. People think if one player is missing the whole building is going to fall down. I don’t believe in this.”

After Coutinho’s departure, Liverpool is definitely more unpredictable and united. Every member of the squad feels that he is important for the club and no one is getting special treatment. They all are equal.

Jurgen Klopp has been lucky as well to use his full squad. Some players injury did help him in using his full squad, but he himself never allowed them to be felt like fringe players. In his recent ‘This is Anfield’ programme, he told as Liverpool FC official website reports, “What has been evident in recent days and weeks has been the commitment of every player in our dressing room. It has been the case all season but is more visible to the outside world now.”

Referring to Goodison Park Merseyside derby, he said, “At Everton, although we didn’t win the game, the efforts of Nathaniel Clyne, Ragnar Klavan, Danny Ings and Dominic Solanke made me as proud as I have been all season, to be honest.”

“These were the performances that showed their character, spirit, and value to us. It is the biggest proof for that, for us to achieve, we need everyone and that everyone will help us.”

“We don’t value contributions based on newspaper headlines earned, and every member of our team knows how important each individual is to be collective. This is what I love about this squad. The respect they have for each other and how every person in our dressing room values and appreciate their teammates is real and authentic. No one thinks they are more important than anyone else. They are together and rest of us sees the benefits of this come matchday.”

It can be only passionate Jurgen Klopp who is ready to pass on his hard work on squad’s effort. Liverpool’s charismatic manager wants his squad to feel important and his players love him. It’s not only Liverpool players; the support staff, owners, and YNWA fans. Everyone loves Jurgen Klopp.

 He is right. You need character, spirit, and values to achieve something bigger in life.


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