Inter Milan vs AC Milan (Derby della Mandonnina) to renew their rivalry tomorrow

Inter Milan vs AC Milan,Derby della Mandonnia, Derby di Milano

Inter Milan vs AC Milan is one of the unique fixture, which can only be rated lower than Barcelona vs Real Madrid El Clasico fixture. Inter Milan and AC Milan each have 18 Serie A titles, shares 10 European titles (AC Milan-7, Inter Milan – 3), and they shares the same ground for their matches. There possibly couldn’t be a better rivalry than Derby della Mandonnia, being local sharing the same ground, but with global appeal.

But, their recent slump due to indebtedness causes concern of their future as they were away from European top flight football. They should be playing in Uefa Champions League on regular basis due to their massive global fan following, and thankfully, both clubs have got massive boost. Now, both Internazionale and AC Milan are fully owned by their Chinese owner and they are ready to investment in clubs to make them global icon once again. The occasion couldn’t be greater for the both club to play the first match as Derby della Mandonnina after their full acquisition by Chinese owners.

They’ll have a renewed rivalry with new ownerships, although both Milan clubs will be owned by someone seating in far East. But, it also give the both clubs a different edge to build their brand in Asia. China is the hub of football in Asia as they emerged as the global investor in the game, whether it’s owning club in England, Spain, Italy or making Chinese Super League super rich.

San Siro will no longer host a local rivalry played by jointly owned Inter Milan & AC Milan, it will be the hub of global football, which has presence in Far East. Silvio Berlusconi’s Finvest group sold their 99.93% of AC Milan’s share to Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux on Thursday, handing over complete ownership to David Han Li. Inter Milan is already running under the ownership of Suning group’s chairman Zhang Zindong.

It will be great to see that fans will be enjoying their g-local rivalry, and in the meantime, heat of the rivalry will reach to Beijing. Both clubs Chinese owner know the history of both the clubs and they have plans to make them great again.

 It’s going to be a great competition between both Chinese owners, because it comes with a same city local rivalry. However, the investment is only going to come in next season, this last Derby della Mandonnia with presence of Silvio Berlusconi in AC Milan’s royal box will have it’s own importance.

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