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It’s a big statement to make. I know, some of you may have already in mind – what rubbish? You have every reason to prove me wrong. Lionel Messi is having another great season and Ronaldo is flourishing with goals domestically as well as in Europe despite lesser effort on the pitch. Then, what made me think that Paulo Dybala will topple the last 10 years reigning duo.

The reason is quite simple. I don’t see many making the difference at the top on all three fronts. To win Ballon d’Or, you need to do well in the domestic league, European games and in international matches. 2018 is the year of FIFA World Cup and performance in summer showpiece will be given more importance to others.

Juventus time to revenge last season final defeat against Real Madrid

We have the leading goal scorers in Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, Lazio’s Ciro Immobile, PSG’s Edinson Cavani, Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski, but I don’t see them at the Ballon d’Or podium. Two positions are already occupied by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and only one has the room to compete alongside them for FIFA’s “THE BEST” award and France Football’s Ballon d’Or.

Dybala fits in perfectly to compete for the third spot on the podium. La Joya has his up and downs but he still manages to score 18 Serie A goals in 25 appearances for Juventus. He has only a goal to his name in Uefa Champions League from 7 appearances but it came when Juventus needed it. His goal won the last 16 tie against Tottenham Hotspur to earn them a place in quarterfinals.

Diego Perotti clears the air on Messi-Dybala issue

He is hitting the deck at the right time. Juventus will face next Real Madrid and I’m sure Dybala will play a big role in that tie. Juventus can’t afford another humiliation against their last season final rival. They need their best players to raise their game. Dybala made the difference against Barcelona last season in quarterfinals tie. I can see him making the difference against Real Madrid this season as well.

Juventus’ coach Massimiliano Allegri also said, “Paulo will have a great match because he is fit, he is serene and, mentally, he has improved greatly.”

Juve may be underdogs against Real but I see them clinching the European trophy this season. Their 22 years wait for the European glory will be over and Dybala is going to play a big part in it. Dybala’s European glory will force Jorge Sampaoli to include him in his Argentina’s national team for the summer showpiece.

And when you have a player of Dybala caliber after winning European silverware for his club, you can’t sit him out on the bench. Sampaoli will have to find a way to play Dybala alongside Messi. Both players together can create magic if they get utilized properly. Sampaoli said that he has no time for Messi-Dybala relationship, but he’ll have to find a way. He can’t sit out a man in-form, just because the world’s best player on the planet occupies his position in the team.

He may have his best World Cup. Sampaoli only needs to open the door for the Jewel in his Argentina side. He will find a way to play alongside Messi. And if he doesn’t find a different position, Lionel Messi should be utilized in another position. Barcelona talisman can play freely in almost all positions and he has served for Barcelona playing in midfield, orchestrating the play. He can do a better job to provide the supply line and Dybala could convert them into goals.

Messi only wants to win World Cup and Dybala is going to be a great contributor in lifting the prestigious trophy. La Joya’s World Cup performance will be noticed alongside his domestic and European glory. It leaves a good enough reason for winning Ballon d’Or. Dybala time has come to receive the prestigious trophy and I can see him lifting the trophy standing high on the podium in the annual fest.


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