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Gianni Infantino, FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, Best World Cup

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Gianni Infantino – Russia 2018 World Cup is best World Cup ever

There was political tension, insecurity around Russia’s hospitality, and many other negativity before the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 opened the door for the world to experience real Russia. It really turned out to be overwhelming experience for the fans around the world. Russia proved to be much more organized than any other World Cup hosts of the past. They didn’t only make their visitors happy, they made their people proud as well with their own performances at the World Cup. Even FIFA President Gianni Infantino couldn’t help himself saying that this is the best World Cup ever.

Russia being host most impressive side

Infantino arrived at a press conference to wrap up his remarks on FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 in a volunteer hood-Jacket. He said as reports, “We said we wanted this to be the best World Cup ever. And we should say thanks to Russia: the Russian government, the LOC, the Russian Football Union. And the volunteers, who are the smile and the heart of the World Cup. All of them have worked very hard to make this event a big success.”

He adds, “This World Cup has changed Russia that has become a real football country. Football is now part of Russia’s DNA. It has also changed the perception of the world about Russia. Around a million people have come to Russia and everyone has discovered a wonderful and welcoming country.”

It has been a great story. No doubt, Russia 2018 World Cup has been unbelievable. Whether it’s surprises during a game, or stories that media persons and fans have come up with during their adventure in Russia.

The games have been exceptional. Smaller and unorthodox countries gave hard time to established nations. We saw South Korea and Mexico beating last World Cup champion Germany, how Russia reach to the quarterfinals defeating mighty Spain on penalties, Belgium send all time favourite Germany home, Argentina couldn’t match even Iceland or Croatia. It really has been a good World Cup.

There were off field gestures as well. Japan said goodbye to Russia with a very sweet gesture after their cruel defeat against Belgium in last 16 round with Nacer Chadli’s last minute goal. They cleaned up their locker room and left thank you note written “Spasibo” in Russian.

Not only Japan’s national football team, but Japan’s fans also cleaned up the Rostov Arena after the match picking up litters. It was such a sweet gesture. It all happened because of Russia’s better organization. They did everything right during this World Cup. Volunteers were amazing, locals were friendly, and even taxi-driver were amazing.

Despite language barriers, signs written in Russian, visitors have had no problem during travelling. There were friendly people in Russia to help them out. Russia 2018 World Cup is best World Cup in every sense; whether it’s quality of football on the pitch or hospitality during stay in the country. Gianni Infantino as FIFA’s president must have said thank you to Russia… Спасибо

Infantino also showed a good gesture towards Thai Boys rescued from the cave to invite them to attend the FIFA’s Best Award in London this October. He also has good remarks on the use of VAR at World Cup, as he said –“You’ll never score a goal in offside anymore.”

FIFA president is also confident about the expansion of 2026 FIFA World Cup to 48 teams. he said that it will reduce the regional tension between the countries. We hope that come true, but for the time being Russia 2018 World Cup has reduced the political tension with their warm welcome of 1 million fans into their country.


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