Euro 2016 : Germany vs Italy will decide champions fortune

Germany vs Italy will decide champions fortune in Euro 2016. Germany will be up against Italy in a quarterfinal match of Euro 2016. It’s a traditional rivalry which always resulted in Italy’s favour in major tournaments. Germany would like to turn the table and create history defeating Italy in a major tournament, but Italy is a hard nut to crack.

Eight World Cups and four Uefa European championship titles belongs to them, no other team has that kind of distinguished image in the tournament. They will battle for another title. Italy are on equal terms with Germany in world cup titles with four each, but Germany exceeds the European trophy battle with 3-1. Itlay has a chance to decrease the deficit but first they have to knockout the world champions.


Euro 2016, knockout draws has been unfavourable to the past Uefa European champions. They all are playing in the same draw and it is helping the minnows on the other side of the table. First Italy played the two time running champions Spain in knockout and here they are playing Germany in quarterfinals. Germany or Italy, whoever wins it is surely going to decide the champions fortune in Euro 2016.

Italy undefeated against Germany in major final tournaments will have a psychological advantage going into the match, but this German team are world champions. Germany didn’t have good night against Italy in the past but it doesn’t mean they are not going to win against them ever. It may be a German night tonight.

Italy and Germany  has played 33 matches against each other in which Italy leads with 15 wins. Germany had success only on 8 occasions and 10 ended with draw. It’s not only overall statistics where Italy prevails, they were superior to Germany in every aspect. Germany has never defeated Italy in 9 meetings of World Cup & Euros. In 1962 world cup they played 0-0 draw, in 1970 world cup semifinal Italy won 4-3 in extra-time become ‘game of the century’, in 1978 they played once again 0-0 draw, in 1982 final Italy humiliated them 3-1. Then they played two draw in 1988(1-1) & 1996 (0-0) Euros. In 2006 world cup once again Italy defeated Germany 2-0 in semifinal, and latest defeat for Germany was in Euro 2012 semifinal.

Germany midfield trio

But, this time it’s different. Germany has stars in their squad who can damage Italy’s reputation. Germany are world champions and they are going to prove it, and only thing which is missing in their star status is a win over Italy in major tournaments. They will have a revenge in mind, and there is a heavy burden to release from their shoulders. Italy on the other hand don’t have much fire powers in their team but they have hurt some good teams. They have eliminated champions Spain in knockouts.

Germany vs Italy will decide champions fortune in Euro 2016, and one of them road will end here. It’s a final before final, and the winner may go all the way to be the champions of Euro 2016. Italy is not the best ever but they have warned the world, Italy ways of playing football is still there. Germany may be the world champions , yet they haven’t find the way to defeat Italy in major finals.

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