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If you ask anyone about the world’s greatest footballer ever, probably you will hear the name of Diego Maradona or Pele. And, of course, our current generation will give that place to Lionel Messi. The trio (Maradona, Messi, and Pele) is going to be remembered in the football world as long as football lives on the planet, but of course, there will be different opinions when it comes to being greatest among them. In the opinion of Chelsea legend Didier Drogba, “Messi is not at the heights of Maradona and Pele.”

Pele chooses Messi over Ronaldo as world’s best

Drogba believes that both Pele and Maradona have the edge over Messi because of their legendary achievements at international level. He told AFP as Sport reports, “Messi could stop now and he would have done a lot for football. To win a World Cup would make him more legendary. He is an extraordinary player.”

As Drogba commented, Messi is only an extraordinary player for him and to be among the greats Argentine no. 10 will have to win a World Cup for his national side. He added, “Messi is still not at the heights of [Diego] Maradona and Pele, but he’s not far away.”

Everyone knows Messi is world’s best except Real Madrid fans

No one can doubt Messi’s talent and his skill. Some claims he is not a human, some say he is superhuman and even few claims that he is from another planet. But, Messi’s aura and the comparison seems to be only lasting for the current generation due to lack of international honors.

Pele has won four World Cup with Brazil, Diego Maradona won 1986 World Cup single-handedly for Argentina, whereas till date Messi’s contribution for national side will be helping La Albiceleste in reaching to the three Copa America and 2014 World Cup finals.

Messi himself knows that he needs that precious trophy to win in Russia. If he wants himself to be remembered more than a club man, he has to own things in Russia. He has won everything at the club level for Barcelona, but it has only helped him with the comparison to his rival team player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Each of them has five five Ballon d’Or to their name and they are modern football greats. However, Ronaldo has never been compared to Maradona and Pele, it’s Messi who has earned the comparison. It’s time for Messi to show the world he is more than a club man.

Messi has proved it again and again, but he didn’t get a stamp of approval. He still lacks that achievement with his national side which defines someone greatness. FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 will give Messi another chance to prove his greatness, although he’ll need a little bit of luck which Maradona had during his 1986’s campaign. He may not have the golden hand of Maradona, but he definitely posses the best-left foot on the planet earth.


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