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Kathryn Mayorga, Cristiano Ronaldo rape allegations, Der Spiegel

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Cristiano Ronaldo wants to sue Der Spiegel for false rape allegations but victim goes public

A year and half ago, German magazine Der Spiegel and Football Leak revealed plenty of dirty business in football, but most of the negativity was centered around football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Whether it was tax fraud or rape allegations, Ronaldo suffered great image damage. Now, Ronaldo wants to sue Der Spiegel for false rape allegations but the victim woman Kathryn Mayorga goes public revealing the story of that night to Spiegel online.

It goes back to 2009, the day after CR7 made a move away from Manchester United to Real Madrid. He was partying with his friends in Las Vegas, but after long party Ronaldo took the woman to his suite at Luxushotel in Las Vegas in the wee hours of 13 June 2009.

As per Speigel earlier reports, both parties settled for out of the court settlement as Ronaldo paid Kathryn Mayorga $375, 000 to keep it confidential and never reveal it, but now US woman have gone public about it.

Her lawyer, the German news magazine Der Spiegel reports in its latest issue is now questioning the validity of that out-of-court settlement in a civil complaint in Nevada. Mayorga has also spoken publicly for the very first time about what happened that night at Ronaldo suite with her in his interview with Der Spiegel.

Ronaldo, Mayorga claims, raped her anally. Afterwards, she says he asked her if she was in pain. “By this time, he’s (…) on his knees. He says the 99 percent thing.” He insisted, Mayorga says, that he was a “good guy” except for the “one percent.”

However, Ronaldo has denied the allegations and it was consensual according to him. Mayorga’s lawyer claims relies in part on a document, which includes Ronaldo’s description of what happened that night. In that document, the soccer player is quoted as saying: “She said no and stop several times.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s lawyer Christian Schertz said in a statement as Daily Mail reports, “It is an inadmissible reporting of suspicions in the area of privacy and he would seek legal redress for his client from the magazine.”


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