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Copa America

Brazil, yet another South American Superpowers of Copa America got eliminated

Brazil, yet another South American superpower elimination from Copa America, Brazil & Uruguay are out, All eyes on Argentina to grab it for 15th time.


Brazil, yet another South American Superpowers of Copa America got eliminated from group stage. Copa America Centenario 2016, first time held outside South American soil and South American giants are losing their grip. Copa America is celebrating their hundredth years of existence as an oldest football Organization in world but their most favorite nations are getting eliminated early in the tournament.

First uruguay got eliminated by Venezuela, now Brazil has been knocked out by Peru although it was controversial hand goal. These two nations share 23 Copa America titles out of 44 played. Uruguay topped the list with 15 titles, so they lead in early elimination from Copa America Centenario. Brazil eight time winners goes second, and in between them only Argentina with 14 titles left to represent South America superpowers in this edition of Copa America. Together they share 37 titles out of 44 trophies.


This might be the Argentina chance to win a major trophy after 23 years and take home Copa America for the 15th time, equalling Uruguay who leads with fifteen titles. But the way South Americans are getting eliminated Argentina need to worry a lot, although they are the best in the world and ‘World Best Player’ Messi is playing in their side.

Colombia and Mexico looks like the serious challenger along with Argentina– the favorite. Chile, the title defender future is also not sure, they will have to defeat Panama to defend their title and qualify for quarterfinals.

Most of the Quarterfinalists are already decided; from Group A- USA & Colombia, from Group B- Ecuador & Peru, from Group C- Mexico & Venezuela and from Group D- only Argentina has qualified uptill now. In all these seven nations only Argentina is favorite to win the trophy.


Argentina will have to go a long way. They need to play three games in quarterfinals,semifinals and final to win the trophy, and just like past one bad day may ruin their campaign. Mexico is feeling at home in the US, Colombia has a good run and Chile may bounce back.

South American superpowers are not enjoying their day out in the USA, Uruguay and Brazil are already out, now it all depends on Argentina to take the trophy home where it belongs.

Copa America belongs to South America and Argentina is the likely one left to represent their supremacy on American soil. Fourteen Copa America titles, and a drought of 23 years will it be good enough to get some rain and will they be able to bring the Copa America trophy at home? Argentina have a long way to go but they are world no.1 as a team and they have world no.1, Messi -as an a individual in the team as well.

There should be no more South American superpowers elimination, the trophy belongs to South America and Argentina is there to avail it. La Albiceleste is still hanging in there, and white & blue stripes will complete their journey with trophy in their hands when they will be back at home.


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