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Brazil and Germany met in Berlin today for the very first time after 2014 World Cup semifinal. It was a disastrous night for Brazil as they lose 7-1 against Germany in 2014 semifinal and they were looking for some revenge. However, today fixture was only a friendly match but Brazil’s 1-0 victory over Germany must have worked in their healing process.

Gabriel Jesus first-half goal proved to be the winner for Brazil. Selecao looked sharper than the defending champion and Coutinho’s move in the first-half was a delight to watch. Coutinho often found tricking and getting past German defenders with his skills. Barcelona man didn’t allow the Brazilians fans to miss Neymar during the match as he grabbed the limelight.

Brazil’s coach Tite saw this match as a healing process as his team met Germany for the very first time after 7-1 humiliation. He said in his press conference, “This has a huge psychological meaning, no one needs to fool themselves about that. The 7-1 is like a ghost, people still talk about it. The more you talk about it, the less this ghost disappears.”

Germany were 5-0 up in 29 minutes. It never happened at such a stage before. He added, “I watch watching the game at home in Sao Paulo with my wife and after the third goal went in, she started to cry. That started me off. It was a moment of great inspiration for Germany, every shot was a goal – stuff like that doesn’t even happen in video games. The wound is still open and the match in Berlin is a part of the process of closing it.”

Germany lost their first match after Euro 2016 semifinal against France. They were unbeaten in their last 22 matches with 16 victory and six draws. It must have given some confidence to Brazil for their Russia 2018 World Cup dream.


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