Bales (Wales) won’t be Belgium bogey team

 Bales (Wales) won’t be Belgium bogey team as they will meet in quarterfinals. Wales has got a new name as ‘Bales‘ as Gareth Bale has led the team in quarterfinals. A team who has qualified for the very first time in Uefa European championship is now going to play its quarterfinal match. If Belgium thinks Bales (Wales) will be their bogey, they are mistaken.

It’s a great achievement for Bales (Wales) but they are not ready to loose their grip and they want to continue their journey in Euro 2016. Bales have already defeated Belgium in Euro qualifier group stage game, and they are ready to show their masterpiece once again.

Gareth Bale, the top scorer of Euro 2016 with 3 goals, scoring in each of the group games is quite confident that his team will perform and display good football against World no.2 Belgium.

Wales confident team quarterfinal journey

“Belgium will be favourites – we don’t mind that because they have some top-quality players – but our target is to win the game. Hopefully we can go all the way and win the tournament, but first we have a quarter-final to get through. We are the last home nation still involved, and this is our chance to shine. We have a very good team too. We are not in the last eight for no reason.” Bale said to The Guardians.

Yeah! that’s true. Bales force we are talking about is no fairy tale like Portugal, they have reached to quarterfinals on merit. They have produce some magic upfront and shown their real determination in defence, that’s why they are here. They are confident because they have defeated Europe no.1 Belgium at their home, back in Cardiff.

They know Belgium is a quality side but they can’t rank themselves low knowing they are going to play European championship quarterfinals. No doubt Bale will be the relying man upfront but it’s not about Bale, it’s about Bales (Wales). Aaron Ramsey & Joe Allen have supported Bale well upfront and captain Ashley Williams has been instrumental in maintaining the defence line.


Belgium quality has no match with Bales (Wales). Wales have got only Gareth Bale as individual who can produce magic but Belgium has a plethora of individual talents. Eden Hazard one of the prominent force in Europe is leading from front, Kevin de Bruyne has no match either and Romelu Lukaku is their bogey man. It’s very difficult to defend against them because they don’t need to go in opponents box to score, they can fire a bullet anytime from outside the box as well.

Bales (Wales) have a tough task ahead and they need a little bit of luck to get past them. Belgium is favourite to win the Euro 2016, and it will be a surprise to see them off and it will be equally surprising if Bales (Wales) force will make it to the semifinal. Bale will be prepared for his Real Madrid teammate Ronaldo, if they go through in semifinal. But, first task ahead is to stop Belgium who is in their way.

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