Average points need to win title in Europe’s top domestic league

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When it comes to define competitiveness in Europe’s top domestic league, what are the parameters which defines its competitiveness? Value of the clubs playing in a league, points gap between top four, quality of football, or the promotional stuffs which brought into the game. Well it’s a combination of all these factors, but for me personally competitiveness ultimately get defined by the points accumulated by the champion team at the end of the league.

Average points need to win title in Europe's top domestic league

Leagues2011/12 (winner points)2012/13 (winner points)2013/14 (winner points)2014/15 (winner points)2015/16 (winner points)Avg points
Premier League (England)898986878186
La Liga (Spain)10010090949195
Serie A (Italy)8487102879190
Bundesliga (Germany)819190798886
Ligue 1 (France)828389839887

From the above table, it’s easier to find the competitiveness of the Europe’s top five domestic league, which includes Premier League in England, Laliga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, Bundesliga in Germany, and Ligue1 in France. We have data of last five champions, and their accumulated points to win the title, and from that we arrived at the average points needed to win Europe’s top domestic championship.

From this data, we can easily point out Laliga is most competitive in terms of winning the title. There may be battle between only two or three teams; which includes Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, but the points they need to accumulate on average to win the title is way above than in other leagues. On average they need 95 points to win the title, and only other league which came close to Laliga competitiveness is Serie A, and that’s only because Juventus accumulated 102 points in 2013/14 season to win the Scudetto.

We will consider Premier League as 2nd most competitive league, despite Serie A need of more points to win the title in the last five year average points(90). Because, Premier League winner points has been more stable over the years. Their points only varied from 81 to 89 during the period, whereas Serie A winner points varied from 84 to 102.

Serie A is the third most competitive in the Europe’s top domestic league championship, although all of the last five championship belong to the Bianconeri(Juventus). Juventus accumulated 91, 87, 102, 87, and 84 points over the last five seasons to win the Scudetto, and average points to win the title goes to 90. But, there is lot of competition for top four, there is AS Roma, Napoli, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Fiorentina, and Lazio, all have the squad to compete in top four. There is definitely going to be more competitiveness at top once Milan duo will be fully acquired by the Chinese groups. Internazionale has already been sold to Suning group, and AC Milan deal is on his way to finalise with Chinese investors as well.

Bundesliga is fourth most competitive league in the Europe among top five, although Bundesliga winner also need to acquire on average 86 points to win the league. But, their points varies on the lower side more often rather than going up. Bundesliga four time defending champion Bayern Munich only acquired 88,79, 90, and  91 points over last four years to win the title. You can see from the graph even dropped from 91 to 79, and they still win the league, so there is almost no competition from other teams like Borussia Dortmund, Schalke, and Bayer Leverkusen.

Ligue 1 is fifth on my list, despite their average points are on higher side than Premier League and Bundesliga. But, if you look on the average table closely, their avg. points got varied by only last season points(98), which PSG accumulated to win the title. Otherwise four time defending champion PSG only needed 83, 89 and 83 points to win the Ligue 1 title in other seasons.

It’s good enough to point out on average Laliga new winner will need on avg. 95 points, whereas Serie A winner will have to acquire close to 90 points. Premier League and Bundesliga winner get ready to accumulate atleast 86 points, whereas Ligue 1 champion get ready to accumulate atleast 85 points as well.

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